Pro Tips

Patrick McCabe, Class of '00
Rochester, MN
E.O. Johnson, Branch Manager

"My #1 tip would be ‘Seek the advice of others…don’t try to launch a business alone.’"

Patrick McCabe

Krista Cavanaugh-Szlaius, Class of '95
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Founder: Spoleto Partners, LLC

"My tip would be being a successful entrepreneur is much less about having a one-in-a-million idea but more about a mindset. Success is a small bit of luck and a very large amount of exploiting opportunity. It is consistent and intentional daily habits along with a healthy dose of grit. It’s what will take you from being an unlikely one-hit wonder (luck) to being successful despite your product, service or economic climate."

Krista Cavanaugh-Szlaius


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