Laird Norton Building Second Level

I-Design Studios

  • House WSU's cutting-edge design program
  • Collaborative classroom designs embody Design Thinking
  • Classrooms accommodate all levels of design program
  • High-tech displays, software and hardware

Computer Lab:

  • 24/7 student access
  • Interactive "Wacom" drawing tablets
  • Adaptable space can become classroom

Critique/Break-out classroom:

  • Pinnable walls to hang proofs and drafts
  • Environment for intensive discussion, criticism and group work
  • Projection and tech capabilities

Seminar Room

  • Historically-preserved room honors 1918-era Laird Norton conference room
  • Ideal learning space for upper-level Art History seminars
  • Open for campus-wide use


(small space between I-Design studios called "Lounge" on plans)

  • Houses Art and Design literature and reference texts
  • Quiet study area


(currently called lounge with coffee area on plans)

  • Full service kitchen
  • Affordable, healthy food options catered to students
  • Comfortable seating areas


(back of building)

  • Student meeting space for group work
  • All-glass wall allows views of Winona and the bluffs
  • Combination of contemporary architecture

Open Office

  • Faculty work in an open office environment that encourages collaboration and collegiality
  • Full-time and part-time faculty can work side-by-side
  • Open office promotes pooling of faculty resources
  • Small meeting rooms provide private spaces faculty to advise students

seminar lounge critique computer i-design meeting1 meeting2 office loungecoffee i-design

Layout of second level of Laird Norton building