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WSU Medallion Society

The Winona State University Foundation established the Medallion Society in 2012 – a new tribute to honor individuals whose philanthropy makes the university’s mission possible.

The President’s Medallion itself carries the spirit of philanthropy. The medallion was a gift from WSU students in 1968 in honor of President DuFresne’s inauguration. The gems in the medallion were donated by members of the Winona community. It was said that the medallion represented the people’s faith in education, a responsibility for the university’s mission and guardianship on behalf of the State of Minnesota and future generations.

The Medallion Society is prominently displayed outside the entrance of Somsen Auditorium and recognizes giving levels by aligning each with a gem represented in the actual medallion.

$25,000 Gold

Donated by the 1967-68 students of Winona State College

$50,000 Aquamarine

Stone donated by Mrs. James Browning

$100,000 Topaz

Stone donated by Mrs. Ward Lucas

$250,000 Alexandrite

Stone donated by Dr. John J. Fuller

$500,000 Garnet

Stone donated by Allyn S. Morgan, Jr.

$1,000,000 Opal

Stone donated by Miss Floretta M. Murray

$5,000,000 Diamond

Stone donated by Mrs. R. H. Watkins

$10,000,000 Medallion

The very foundation of Winona State University was built on philanthropy in the mid-1850s under the campaign leadership of Dr. John Ford, an advocate for public education. Dr. Ford swiftly raised more than $7,000 in cash and land. The gifts obtained were at all levels, much like the new Medallion Society which will showcase this tradition and honor the leaders who continue to make Winona State University's mission possible. 

2017 Inductees 

Lucille Barnes-Diesslin
Dr. Ted & Diane Fredrickson
Cass & Mary Gordon
Dr. Scott & Kelley Olson
Claran & Jim Ramsdell
Ron & Diane Stevens

Douglas J. Emanuel
Spencer & Judy Munkel
Wenonah Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution
Duane & Edwina Wolfe
Bentson Foundation
Donald & Patricia Cieminski
Ormsin Gardiner Sornmoonpin & Harry Gardiner
Camille Gilbertson Moll
James & Nancy Reynolds
David & Muriel Arnold
Jeanette Bergler
Arlayne & Cal Fremling
Robert & Erika K. Gilbertson
Elizabeth Callender King Foundation
B.A. Miller
Richard & Janet Bierce Northup
William & Barbara Schuler
Maynard "Mo" Weber

Donor Honor Roll

All existing members of the Medallion Society.