Students use laptop on campus in sunshine.

Scholarship Stories

To ensure access and success through scholarships, some give so that they can help ease the financial burden of an education, freeing students to focus on learning. Others are so passionate about a discipline that they want to make sure any interested student, regardless of finances, has the opportunity to experience a robust program.

There are numerous reasons to contribute gifts toward scholarships. Those seeking to make a lasting impact have developed their own scholarships helping pave the way for our future. We encourage you to read their stories listed on the right hand side.

Robert and Joanie Armstrong

In April 2011, Robert and Joanie Armstrong established the R&J Armstrong Family Business Scholarship.

The encouragement Bob Armstrong received from faculty and fellow students at Winona State University will always be appreciated and remembered. Visiting the campus today, and seeing how WSU has expanded and become nationally recognized for both their scholastic and athletic accomplishments confirms the caliber of the faculty, staff, and students on campus. The recent accreditation by the AACSB recognizing the College of Business is yet another example of leadership and accomplishment of which he is very proud. For these reasons, he plans to support WSU with a Business College Scholarship.

Vicki Decker

In August 2011, Vicki Decker established the Vicki Decker Scholarship.

Since Vicki grew up in a small, rural community, she never had the opportunity to travel. As she grew older and started to travel the world, she experienced many wonders, but also the value of understanding different people around the world. She firmly believe peace can be achieved in our world through meeting people and recognizing and understanding the differences and similarities we all possess. I hope with this scholarship, a young person will see the value in traveling abroad- particularly those who have not yet been able to do so.

Carol Sheffer

In 2011, Carol Sheffer established the Carol Brosseth Sheffer Leadership Scholarship.

Carol believes the biggest benefit of her WSU years were the opportunities she had to participate in the L.E.A.D. campus activities. She feels that campus student leaders have less time for study and work and therefore need recognition for their talents and dedication of time. When Carol graduated and President Minne shook her hand, he said, “Thank you, Carol, for all you have done for Winona State.” This was her way to say, “Thank you, Winona State for all you did for me.”

Gene Lundberg

In November 2011, Gene Lundberg established the Donna Lundberg Teacher Education Scholarship in honor of his wife, and her lifelong dedication to teaching.

As described by her family, Donna was unadorned, unpretentious, rock solid, and confident in her skills as a teacher and mentor to her students. She also lived through her church, community, and her home life. Living by example, she taught her students how to persevere, be dedicated, and to be each others best friends. She helped students shape their future and be all that each young person can be in their lives.

Krista Rasque

As a mother, wife and student, Krista Rasque is devoting her life to upholding the importance of family relationships. The Bublitz Sociology & Criminal Justice Department Scholarship is helping Krista with her personal and professional mission of lighting the way for families. After graduation, this Lansing, Iowa native plans to earn her master's, and continue improving the world, one family at a time.


Luke O'Neil

Richard & Priscilla Kalbrener Community Service Scholarship recipient Luke O' Neil is the kind of student you want to get behind: He volunteers at Winona Health and at the Red Cross, and not only does he have heart, but smarts. He's majoring in biochemistry with a double-minor in mathematics and biology, and plans to attend medical school after graduating WSU in 2013. "I greatly feel that this scholarships gets me that much closer to my dream. Thank you!"


Sarah Scherber

Sarah Scherber graduated from her Plymouth, Minn., high school in June, and began her first year at Winona State this fall. Sarah's a math and science aficionado, so composite engineering at Winona State seems like a perfect fit for her. Thanks to donors like you, Sarah's future is wide open, and bright.


Rose Litke

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better candidate for the Joan Kangel Madland Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship than WSU senior Rose Litke. Rose has been cheerleading for eight years, including three years on the Winona State Cheerleading Team. Rose is majoring in exercise science, and she plans to attend graduate school to train as an occupational therapist. The Cheerleading Scholarship, Rose said, is "helping fulfill my dream of helping others."