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Foundation Special Projects Awards

The Winona State University Foundation was chartered in 1963 for the purpose of receiving, managing, and applying funds exclusively for charitable, scientific, or educational activities at Winona State University.

Each year, the Winona State University Foundation grants approximately $100,000 to special project applications pursued by permanent full-time faculty or staff at the University. The object of the awards is to provide financial support for projects that bring innovation and acclaim to the University.

The Special Projects Committee of the WSU Foundation Board of Trustees reviews the applications twice a year and selects the winning projects.

The number and amount of award(s) shall be determined based on the annual funding available and periodically reviewed by the WSU Foundation Special Projects Committee. The recipients of the awards are announced at the Foundation's annual board meeting.

Have a plan for a project? Apply today for a Special Projects Award.

If you have already received an award, fill out the Special Projects Award Final Report form (PDF).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WSU Foundation office at 507.457.5020 or Jennifer Hoffman at JHoffman@winona.edu.

  • An outline of the project (problem to be addressed, significance, goals, methods to be used, ways to evaluate success, future plans)
  • A statement of the project's relevance to the mission of the institution and/or college
  • One-page budget
  • A fundraising plan (if additional funding is needed to complete the project)
  • All publication, display, or presentation of any project funded should include appropriate recognition to the WSU Foundation
  • Its benchmarks and measurable results to be reported to the Foundation.

Applicants for the award must be a permanent full-time faculty or staff member at Winona State University and their submitted projects must meet the following criteria. Funds will be awarded for those proposals which encourage the innovative research, curriculum development that lead to new program development and scholarly publications.


An eligible project:

  • Offers new programming or benefit to the University community
  • One that needs initial start-up funds
  • Has sought out additional fund sources
  • Must be supported by the Department / College
  • Encourages innovative teaching to innovative research
  • Shows clear potential for leveraging additional/sustainable funding and is submitted by an applicant committed to leading those fundraising efforts
  • Is a project that will be completed or substantially completed within 12 months
  • Will bring visibility to the University and advances its goals


  • Faculty and staff members are only awarded one grant per fiscal year
  • Typical awards do not exceed $5,000
  • Funds awarded must be spent solely for the purposes stated in the application
  • Changes to original request require resubmission of the written proposal
  • The foundation will not fund:
    • normal operational budget items (e.g., office supplies)
    • faculty/staff salaries
    • faculty/staff travel
    • honoraria for WSU faculty and/or staff
    • academic course work toward graduate degrees or for post-graduate work
  • All property funded by the WSU Foundation must be recorded as part of WSU’s inventory and have a fixed asset sticker applied
  • Any inventions or intellectual properties developed must be disclosed to the Foundation
  • The Foundation retains the right to claim a fair and proportional benefit from the innovation and The Foundation will be given an opportunity to participate in the patent process.

    This short Final Report Form (PDF) is due to the Foundation office within one year of the start of the project.

    Use this Special Projects Budget Form (PDF) to complete the Special Projects application.

    The WSU Foundation logo is available as a PNG, JPEG and PDF to be used on all marketing materials associated with the special projects award.

    Use the Foundation's Voucher Form (PDF) to request fund disbursement from an account held by the WSU Foundation, such as special projects.

    Applications are reviewed two times per fiscal year. Applicants must be present to the special projects committee on review day. A ten minute time allotment will be scheduled by the foundation assistant one week before the committee meeting date.

    The presenter(s) should be prepared to provide an explanation of the project's relevance to the mission of the institution and/or college. 

    Special Project Award Calendar

    Applications open Oct. 10, 2018.

    Semester Deadline  Presentation to Committee
    Fall Oct. 30, 2018
    Dec. 13, 2018
    Spring March 13, 2019
    April 17, 2019
    Total Award
    Project Title
    Jonathan Locust, Jr.
    H.O.P.E. and ATC Collaboration Grant
    Spring Casey Finnerty
    Improvements to the Cell Culture Facilities in the Biology Department for Teaching and Student Capstone Research
    Spring Kate Noelke
    Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor
    Roger Boulay
    Native American Art Exhibition
    Spring Colette Hyman
    A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota - Public presentations and classroom visits
    John Holden
    Equipment and supplies for student studies of working memory in rodents
    Jennifer Timm
    Sustaining an Interprofessional Clinical Education Model
    Spring Susan Davies
    Building Trust Through Caring Conversations: Supporting Nursing Students to Engage With Hard to Reach Populations
    Spring Anne Gordon
    Flag Equipment Replacement
    Spring Jennifer Ma
    Explore new media communication in China
     Name Project Request
    Vernon Bachor/Jana Craft
    Engaged Ethics Conversation
    Bruno Borsari/Robin Curran
    Sharpening Leadership Skills for the Mentors of HOPE Academy
    Bethany Brent
    Collaborative Urban & Greater Minnesota Educators of Color
    David Burman
    That Tree-Mark Hirsch Artist Talk on Arbor Day
    Vanessa Fernandez Greene/Amy Hornby Uribe
    Global Studies and World Languages Civic Engagement and Leadership Forum and Denice Frohman Spoken-Word Workshop and Performance: Preparing WSU Students to be Effective Advocates and Presenters
    Jacob Hines
    Development of Genome Editing Technology & Classroom Experiences
    Justin Loehr
    Structured Study Hall Program for Student-Athletes
    Osvaldo Martinez
    Development of Enhanced Ebola virus-like particle vaccine
    Charlie Opatz/Hamid Akbari
    College of Business Speakers' Series
    Joan Sax-Bendix/Rod Winters
    Diversity for All


    Russ Smith/Marianne Collins
    Emotion Regulation Training for Sales and Marketing Students
    Brian Zeller/Eric Schoh
    Winona State Athletic Training Concussion Management