Three Winona State University alumni

Tips for Enhancing Your 'Thank You' Letter

Scholarship recipients are required to submit a 'Thank You' letter to the WSU Scholarship Administrators office prior to the release of the scholarship award. The Scholarship Office will then mail the letters to the donors. 'Thank You' letters are a required portion of the scholarship application process.

Nothing is appreciated more than a sincere letter of thanks! Alumni, friends, and corporations make scholarships available through their generous contributions. Donors are paving the way for education and they deserve our appreciation. 

General Tips

  • Beware of grammatical and spelling errors. Communicate your intelligence through the letter and always proofread what you write.
  • Do not send the 'Thank You' letters directly to the donor; we will do that for you.
  • Always put your return address, phone number, and e-mail address at the top of the letter. This allows the donor to write a response back to you if they choose to do so.
  • Do not mention the amount of the scholarship award in your letter. 
  • Be sure to utilize the name of the scholarship in your letter.

Write the Donor about Yourself

  • Your Hometown
  • Family Background
  • Relevant academic experience (High School, College, etc.)
  • Any other experiences that have led to your choice of study

Write about your Present Situation

  • Classification and Major at WSU
  • Things you enjoy or look forward to at WSU
  • Organizations in which you participate
  • Internships, Volunteer activities, and/or Employment

Write about your Future Plans

  • What you plan to accomplish at WSU
  • Future career plans
  • Positive impact of the Scholarship