General Education Program

The mission of the General Education Program (GEP) at Winona State University is to provide a broad base of skills and knowledge to prepare students for informed, responsible citizenship in a changing world. Winona State University’s GEP includes ten goal areas and four additional graduation requirements. The Goal Areas are coordinated with the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Goal Areas

Goal 1
Communication (7 credits)
Goal 2
Critical Thinking (fulfilled when all other goal areas are completed) 
Goal 3
Natural Sciences (7 credits; *requires one course with lab)
*courses from at least two different subject areas is encouraged
Goal 4
Mathematics/Logical Reasoning (3-4 credits) 
Goal 5 
History & the Social/Behavioral Sciences (9 credits)
*requires courses from at least two different subject areas
Goal 6
The Humanities & Fine Arts (9 credits)
*requires a minimum of 3 credits from Humanities and 3 credits from Fine Arts
Goal 7
Human Diversity (3 credits) 
Goal 8
Global Perspectives (3 credits) 
Goal 9
Ethical & Civic Responsibility (3 credits) 
Goal 10
People & the Environment (3 credits) 

A minimum of 40 credits must be completed to fulfill the MnTC ten goal areas.  Courses must be completed with a ‘D’ or better (Letter Grade Option) or ‘P’ (Pass/No Credit Option) to count in a Goal Area. A cumulative MnTC GPA of 2.0 is required to complete the entire 40-credit package.

Important note: The WSU intensive course requirements and physical development/wellness requirements do not count toward the 40 credits required for graduation from the Minnesota transfer curriculum (MnTC).

Additional Graduation Requirements

Writing Intensive (6 credits)
Oral Intensive (3 credits)
Mathematics/Statistics or Critical Analysis Intensive (3 credits)
Physical Development & Wellness (2 credits)

Often, but not always, writing, oral communication and mathematics-statistics or critical analysis intensive courses are included in a student's major program of study.