Winona State University-Rochester students talk outdoors.

Transfer Students

Transfer students and adult entry students who began their studies at WSU in fall 2011 were sent DARS with the University Studies program. These students can remain under the former University Studies Program (USP) curriculum or choose to move to the WSU General Education Program (GEP).

In the WSU General Education Program, courses must be completed with a ‘D’ or better (Letter Grade Option) or ‘P’ (Pass/No Credit Option) to count in a Goal Area. A cumulative MnTC GPA of 2.0 is required to complete the entire 40-credit package.

For a tutorial on how to use the Transferology website to find out with General Education Program courses will transfer into WSU, or will transfer from WSU to other colleges and universities within or outside Minnesota, visit the Transferology Course Transfer System website.