Grant and Research Awards

Faculty Principal & Co-Principal Investigators

Davies, Sue
Lead Investigator: Professor Kathleen Delaney (Rush University). (2011 - 2014). External Research Consultant: CAPE: Patient-centered quality assessment of psychiatric inpatient environment.

Davies, S., et al. (2012). Winona State University Next Chapter.

Forsyth, Diane M.
Consultant for research projects with: Tucker, S & Brust, S. Psychiatric Nursing Outcomes (1998); Shea, C. Follow up Phone Calls for Psychiatric Patients (1999); Eickhoff, A, Drach, S, Luedtke, C, et al. Evaluation of Fibromyalgia Program (1999, 2000, 2001); Evaluation of Simulation and Curricular Change, Riverland Community College and consortium (2006 – Present); Pestka et al. Genomics Evaluation (2010 – Present).

Alarcon, R., Kung, S., Smigielski, J., Shea, C., Poppe, K., & Forsyth, D.
(2004 – Present). Depressed inpatients and CBT analysis. Goal: To explore use of CBT for depressed inpatients and to test clinical instruments.

Forsyth, D. M., Eversman, S., Kummeth, P., Smith, L. K., & McKay, A.
(2004 – Present). Nurses Improving Care for Health Systems Elders: An Education Intervention. Goal: Explore differences in knowledge and attitudes about elderly patients before and after focused education.

Lapid, M., Smith, L. K., Forsyth, D. M., Liu, T., Benac, T., O’Neil, M., Low, D., Clobes, J., and Ellenbecker, S.
(2005 – Present). Hydration Status of Elderly Psychiatric Inpatients. Goal: to explore the hydration status of a subset of elderly (age 65 and over) psychiatric hospitalized inpatients and to explore possible factors that might be associated with dehydration.

Jenson, Carole E., (2012). Kurtz-Rossi, Sabrina, Lane, Martha A., McKinney, Julie, Frost, Jordana, & Smith, Gregory (2008). 
Principal Investigator. Staying Healthy An English Learner's Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living. This publication was made possible through an English Literacy and Civics State Leadership grant (#764-1948A-8PL01) from the Florida Department of Education. Division of Workforce Education. Funding was provided through the Workforce Investment Act, Title II, Adult and Family Literacy, Section 223.

The 2012 revision was made possible through the "Let's Talk" Project Grant (#251.0125) from the Winona State University Graduate Programs in Nursing and Rochester Healthy Community Partnership.

Meiers, Sonja J. Jenson, Carole E.
Co-Principal Investigators. (November 2011 - October 2012). Let's Talk-Learning Together to Improve Health: A community based health literacy project.
Funding Agency: Winona State University Foundation Special Project Award

Meiers, Sonja J.   
Co-Investigators: Drs. Irene Sia, Mark Wieland, Garciella Porraz, Christy Patton & James Levine; Jenny Weiss, Christine Formea (Mayo Clinic), Julie Nigon (Hawthorne Education Center). Community Partners of the Rochester Healthy Community Partnership. (July 2011 – July 2016). Healthy Immigrant Families: Working Together to Move More and Eat Well.
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health

Meiers, Sonja J.,
Co-Investigators: Pestka, E., Junglen, L., & Ungerer, L. (to June 2011). Evaluation of Nurses' Perceived Benefits, Barriers, Abilities and Educational Preferences for Using Family Pedigrees in Clinical Practice.
Funding Agency: Eisenberg Genomics Education Program (Mayo Clinic)

Meiers, Sonja J.
Co-Principal Investigator. Co-Investigators: Eggenberger, S., Bliesmer, M., Krumwiede, N., & Earle, P. (Sept. 2008 - Present). Family Processes when living with a Chronic Illness: Advancing Family Nursing Knowledge.
Funding Agency: Minnesota State University, Mankato, College of Allied Health and Nursing

Meiers, Sonja J.
Co-Principal Investigator. Co-Principal Investigator: Cambern, K., Co-Investigators: Ballweg, D., Mundy, L., Tucker, S., Fath, L., Gesu, O.P.B, Research Team. (June - October 2008 & October 2008 – Present). Parent Appraisal of Child Pain: An International Grounded Theory Study.
Funding Agency: Mayo Nursing Research and Evaluation Committee; Kid’s Cup Foundation, Rochester, MN

Olsen, Gayle D.
Co-Investigator. (2008). Nursing Students and Elementary Students: Partners in Promoting Health Body Mass Index for Life.
In partnership with Mayo Clinic, Rochester Public Schools and Olmsted County Health Services

Olsen, Gayle D.
(2008). Enhancing the Simulation Experience at the University Center.
Funding Agency: HealthForce Minnesota

Olson, Ann F.  
(2010 – Present). Executive committee member, WSU representative. Winona Community Health Clinic: Evidence-based project.
Funding Agency: WSU, Winona Health Services , and Winona County Health and Human Services

Olson, Ann F.
Co-Investigator. (2007 – Present). The Study of the Health Status and Health Behaviors of Religious Sisters.
Funding Agency: Manitowoc, WI

Olson, Ann F.
(2008). Winona Area Perimenopausal Bone Density Project: Analysis Phase;
(2007). Winona Area Perimenopausal Baseline DXA Project.
Funding Agency: Winona State Foundation

Ponto, Julie A.
Meaning, Adjustment and Growth in Ovarian Cancer Survivors and Their Spouses. Doctoral Dissertation, 3/06 – 12/08.
Funding Agency: University of Utah

Scherb, Cindy A.
(2011). Co-Investigator of research study. “NOC-NIC Survey”

Scherb, Cindy A.
(2011). Co-Investigator of research study. “Systematic Assessment of Evidence-based Practice for Graduate Students”

Scherb, Cindy A.
(2008). The Characteristics or Tools Used by Individuals with Type II Diabetes with Different Levels of Glycemic Control.
Funding Agency: Practice Based Research Network – Mayo Health System

Scherb, Cindy A. (Co-PI)
(2005). Nursing Outcomes Effectiveness: Hospitalized Elders with Pneumonia.
Funding Agency: The Gerontological Nursing Interventions Research Center and the Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence

Scheckel, M., Hedrick-Erickson, J., & Stieve, D.
Principal Investigator. Preparing to go Home and Being Home: Rural Residents' Experiences of Patient Education Following Cardiac Surgery. Funding Agency: Michigan State College of Nursing.

Schnepper, Lisa L.
(2009). “Healing Touch and Health-Related Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer receiving Radiation Therapy.”  Doctoral Dissertation. UW-Milwaukee.

Schnepper, Lisa L.
Project Director.
(2008). 08-08 Promoting Health at the Hawthorne Education Center.
Funding Agency: HealthForce Minnesota

Valen, M., Schnepper, L., Olsen, G.
, & Orth, K.
(2011). Motivational interviewing faculty education and training.
Funding Agency: Winona State University Foundation Grant

Valen, Mieca A.
(2007). Challenges of implementing evidence based practice with diverse populations and limited resources: Graduate nursing student experiences in a Migrant Health Clinic.

Valen, Mieca A.
(1995). Activities of daily living and post hospitalized rural elderly person’s home help.