Frequently Asked Questions

Nurse Practitioner Program

Students who elect the Nurse Practitioner (NP) program are prepared to perform an expanded role in the delivery of primary health care. Frequently asked questions and information about the nurse practitioner program are provided below.

For Fall:

Clinical family 180 hrs./semester  ~ 1.5 days/week for 15 weeks
Clinical adult 120 hrs./semester  ~ 1 day/week for 15 weeks

For Spring:

Clinical family 240 hrs./semester  ~ 2 day/week for 15 weeks
Clinical adult 180 hrs./semester  ~ 1.5 days/week for 15 weeks

For Fall Semester: Refresher physical assessment day prior to start of classes. 

In Fall: Classes until 7 pm on Wed.
In Spring: Classes until 5 pm on Wed. 

For Spring Semester: Advanced Assessment 8-2 on Thurs., a combination of lecture and lab. 

Yes, Pharmacology during the summer –online/distance course. 

96 hours of pediatric rotation for FNP in fall or spring semester (these hours are part of the total hours required for the semester). 

180 hours of clinical immersion over 4-6 weeks (30-40 hrs./week). 

Approximately four (4) hours of clinical per month will be spent with a faculty member at a clinical site (most likely in Rochester). 

We attempt to keep students within ~ 50 miles of home for clinical.  This is not always possible due to availability of clinical sites. You should plan that travel will be necessary to get to clinical sites. 

Numbers of admitted students vary from year to year based on availability of clinical sites.  During the typical admissions cycle, approximately 10 to 12 students are admitted to the NP focus.