Yes! The graduation application is used to determine which students are completing their degrees. All graduates need to complete the graduation application and can indicate whether or not they plan to participate in commencement using the application as well. 

WSU’s Communications Department typically notifies hometown newspapers with graduate names within eight weeks of the end of the semester.

Visit University Communications online for more information regarding notices to local media, or contact University Communications for any further questions regarding media notification by calling 507.457.5024 or emailing WSUUpdate@winona.edu.

Graduation is the posting of a degree on the official transcript once all degree requirements are met.

Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates the completion of a degree.

Academic protocol states that you are not to pin jewelry or flowers to your gown. Decoration of your mortarboard is permitted but will be monitored. Winona State University reserves the right to require you to remove any embellishment deemed inappropriate before you are permitted to participate in the ceremony. Examples of inappropriate embellishment include, but are not limited to: vulgar language, references to alcohol/drugs, inappropriate verbiage or photos/graphic images, and any decoration that might obstruct the view of people seated behind you. 

Due to limited seating in McCown Gymnasium we are instituting a ticketing system this year. Additional information can be found on the ticketing information page.

Undergraduate graduate applications can be viewed, updated, and withdrawn by logging back into your application.

Graduate students should email Brenda Canar at GradOffice@winona.edu with any changes.

Dual degree recipients are students earning two different degree types (for example, both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science). To earn dual degrees students must complete a minimum of an additional 30 semester hours above the required 120-128 credits. Students must complete all major requirements under both degrees, including separate minors if one is required.

Students earning multiple majors will be awarded one degree (based on the primary major). Additional majors can be added to the degree by completing the major requirements. If a degree requires a minor, an additional major can be completed in place of a minor.

Undergraduate Catalog

International students needing letters confirming graduation for the purpose of guests' international travel should contact International Student & Scholar Services at IS@winona.edu.

Your diploma will be mailed to the diploma address indicated on your graduation application 10 weeks after graduation. Your transcript is the official certifying document of your degree and can be ordered as soon as your degree is posted. 

Diploma sizes are 8.5 x 11 and will fit most standard frames. 

The DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) is used to guide students through their degree requirements. After graduation, the DARS is not available. Your transcript will list all WSU coursework and grades and should be used as your official document proving your degree.