Undergraduate Students

Congratulations to our Warriors who are graduating. We have watched as you have furthered your personal and academic strengths and attained your goal of receiving your degree. Take the time to review the information below before you complete your final semester at WSU. View the FAQs page for any questions you may have that are not addressed below.

The DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) is used to determine graduation eligibility. Once registered for the final requirements it should read "All requirements met - in progress courses used." If a student believes they should be graduating but the DARS does not indicate all requirements are met, the student should meet with their advisor to review their record.

Meeting Degree Requirements

WSU’s Communications Department typically notifies hometown newspapers with graduate names within eight weeks of the end of the semester. Visit University Communications for more information regarding notices to hometown media.

Multiple Majors

Students completing two or more majors will be awarded a single degree based upon their primary major. A student's default primary major is the major with the greatest number of credits. Any additional majors will be listed on the student's transcript under the degree to be awarded.

If any of the majors fall under different degrees (for example, one major leads to a Bachelor of Arts and another to a Bachelor of Science), the student may choose either degree. Students seeking additional or dual degrees should see the information below. When a major requires a minor, a second major can be used as a substitute for the required minor.

Dual Degrees

Students wishing to complete two degrees concurrently (for example, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) must complete a minimum of an additional 30 credit hours above the 120-128 credit hour requirement. In addition, students must complete all major requirements under both degrees, including separate minors if required. A second major cannot count for a minor if earning dual degrees.

Students must submit a Graduation Application in the final term of enrolled courses to be considered for a degree. Students can elect to participate in the commencement ceremony using the Graduation Application.

Graduation Applications are reviewed twice. The first review determines if the student is approved as a degree candidate making them eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony and be included in the commencement program. After grades are due (the Wednesday after finals), the second review will determine which degree candidates have successfully completed degree requirements and those qualifying candidates will have their degree posted.

The deadline to submit a Graduation Application is midterm. Applications received after the deadline will not be included in the commencement program and will not be eligible for provisional honors. Late applications approved prior to the Friday before finals week will be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Summer Graduates

There is no summer commencement ceremony, but students completing their degree requirements in the summer term are eligible for summer graduation. Summer degrees are posted at the end of the final Summer session (August).

Summer graduates can choose to participate in either the Spring ceremony prior or Fall ceremony after. The choice of which (if any) ceremony the graduate will participate in is indicated on the graduation application.

If participating in the Spring commencement ceremony, summer graduates must meet the Spring graduation deadline (mid-term of the Spring term).