Grandparents University® Majors

Choose a major that best fits your interests. You will remain in the same major for the entire two-day program. Adults must accompany children to majors. Learning experiences, age recommendations and physical activity levels vary by major – please note instructors' requests. View a 2018 sample Grandparents University® Itinerary (PDF). Below you will find the course titles and majors for 2017.

What do Gingko, Tulip, and Buckeye all have in common? They are all trees on the WSU campus! Come explore some of the more than 100 unique species of trees on our beautiful campus through identification, photography, leaf rubbings, journaling, and writing “poet-tree.” This year you will also have the opportunity to do some creative tree photography and to learn about how certain trees on the WSU campus can be used for food and medicine. Go out on a limb and hang out with us! (Taught by Melanie Reap)
Do you dream of creating your own world filled with characters born of your own imagination? Do you love reading The Hunger Games trilogy or binge-watching Star Wars and Star Trek? If so, this is the class for you! This fun and interactive class will give you the opportunity to write your own science fiction story by developing characters and designing a (brave, new) world. We will discuss each of the different kinds of science fiction, how setting can lead to character development, and the need for conflict and plot. Release your imagination! Just don’t forget to write it down. (Taught by Kathy Sullivan)
Discover the microbes that live everywhere – they are in us, on us, and all around us in places where you least expect! You will grow and view these microscopic bugs (bacteria, molds, germs, viruses, etc.) using high-powered microscopes. Come prepare to be amazed and, at times, a little “grossed out” by all the microscopic critters living in our environment! (Taught by Kay Pedretti)
This class will offer you the opportunity to embark on an adventurous challenge with Lego NXT technology in order to design, assemble and program robots. No prior experience with computer programming or robots needed. You will program your robots to perform tasks, compete in races, run an obstacle course, and complete other challenges created by you! (Taught by Eric Paulsen)
Discover the amazing ways that light can work for you with fun hands-on activities. You will use lasers to study nature and communication. You’ll get to break light up into different colors to study stars! You will also get a chance to use lenses and mirrors to make telescopes and cameras. Grab your light saber and get ready for some fun! (Taught by Andy Ferstl)