Grandparents University® Majors

Choose a major that best fits your interests. You will remain in the same major for the entire two-day program. Adults must accompany children to majors. Learning experiences, age recommendations and physical activity levels vary by major – please note instructors' requests. View a 2018 sample Grandparents University® Itinerary (PDF). Below you will find the course titles and majors for 2018.

Taught by Melanie Reap

Trees are vital to our survival; they provide food, shelter, and oxygen. Experience trees from a squirrel’s view, from a bird’s view, and from YOUR view! 

Come learn about these wonderful organisms and the WSU Arboretum. You will explore some of the more than 100 unique species of trees on our beautiful campus through identification, photography, leaf rubbings, journaling, and writing “poet-tree.” You will also have the opportunity to do some creative tree photography and to learn about how certain trees on the WSU campus can be used for food and medicine. 

Taught by Eric Paulsen

This class will offer you the opportunity to embark on an adventurous challenge with Lego EV3 technology in order to design, assemble and program robots. 

In past years, this course used NXT technology. We are very excited that this is the first year we will have access to the EV3 robots! No prior experience with computer programming or robots needed. You will program your robots to perform tasks, compete in races, run an obstacle course, and complete other challenges created by you!

Taught by Richard Shields

Physics is in your life and you might not even know it. This class will cover four topics of physics that you use everyday. 

In a combination of interactive lecture demonstrations and hand-on activities, we will cover the topics of motion, waves, electricity and light. Some demonstrations will amaze you, but all are designed to make you think about the world you live in. This class will be team taught by Professor Gary Shields and Professor Emeritus Richard Shields. This father and son team has many years of experience teaching physics to both children and adults.

Taught by Bruno Borsari

What’s the buzz? Take this course to learn all about domestic honeybees and native bees! 

You will learn about their basic biology, ecology and their relevance to food production through pollination.  Be prepared for hands-on activities that will allow you to observe real bees at work, both in their hive and also in the field. Buzz into this class for some un-bee-lievable fun!


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