Students working on a project funded by WSU Grants & Sponsored Projects.

Grants & Sponsored Projects

Grants and Sponsored Projects is a catalyst for members of the WSU community who are seeking external funding to further their interests and expertise through:

  • research
  • professional development
  • program development
  • special projects

Grants and Sponsored Projects coordinates, together with Finance and Administration, the grant and contract process and the many administrative activities associated with awards, award agreements, award compliance, and sponsored activities.

Find Grants Faster with GrantForward

WSU subscribes to GrantForward, a funding opportunity search and recommendation service available to all members of WSU.

To use full search features like saved searches and personalized grant recommendations, please sign up for an account using your WSU email address.

We encourage you to create a Researcher Profile to receive grant recommendations.

You can also use the quick search tool to look for grants or awards. See their instructions for guidance on navigating the site.