Students working on a project funded by WSU Grants & Sponsored Projects.

Grants & Sponsored Projects

Grants & Sponsored Projects (G&SP) is a catalyst for members of the Winona State community who are seeking grant funding for research, professional development, program development, and special projects.

Grants & Sponsored Projects identifies grant makers, promotes grant writing, assists grant writers, and advises on and administers grants-related regulations. Find our more in the G&SP Grants Handbook (PDF).

Services — WSU Grants & Sponsored Projects

  • Grant seeking education
  • Classroom presentations
  • Funding source research
  • Funding source contacts
  • Application information
  • Proposal guideline analysis
  • Project planning
  • Proposal outlining
  • Content advice
  • Institutional narrative information
  • Editing
  • Budget preparation
  • Institutional approvals
  • Transmitting proposals
  • Report review