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Internal WSU Awards

ASF PIF AwardsApplication Form
ASF PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) awards are available only to ASF employees to support formal coursework; attendance of workshops, conferences or short courses; travel to other sites to observe a process, procedure or technology; or non-formal study such as licensure, certification and training programs, in-service workshops, researching and writing articles, developing electronic media, etc.  See Regulation 3-16 (PDF).

ASF Sabbatical Awards – Application is made via memo (dates and plan) to supervisor.
ASF Sabbaticals are available only to ASF employees to support extended leave to undertake “additional studies or other endeavors that will enhance the ASF member's contribution to the university.”  See Regulation 3-17 (PDF).

IFO PIF AwardsApplication Form (Word)
IFO PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) awards are available only to IFO employees to support professional development such as completion of terminal degree programs, scholarship/research creative activity, scholarly presentations at professional meetings, professional travel, attendance at professional development workshops/classes, or activities directly related to the five criteria in Article 22 of the Minnesota State/IFO collective bargaining agreement and an individual’s Professional Development Plan (PDP).  See Regulation 3-11.

IFO Sabbatical AwardsApplication Form (Word)
IFO sabbaticals are available only to IFO employees to enhance professional development, support department goals, and/or meet instructional, service or research priorities of the university.  See Regulation 3-12.

Lyceum ProposalsLyceum Home Page
The Lyceum Committee sponsors cultural enrichment and educational activities open to the general public, such as lectures, readings, performances, concerts, residencies and film series.  Any member of the WSU community may submit a proposal.

Undergraduate Research & Creative Projects - Application Form (PDF)
Grants are awarded through a competitive application process to full-time undergraduate students engaged in faculty-sponsored research and creative projects. See Regulation 3-22 (PDF).

Undergraduate Travel for PresentationsApplication Form (PDF)
Grants are awarded to support undergraduates who, selected through a competitive application and review process, are invited to make presentations at local, regional or national conferences.  See Regulation 3-25 (PDF).

WSU Foundation GrantsApplication Form
Grants support WSU faculty and staff conducting unique one-time projects that lead to activities which attract students or other persons to the university, innovative research and/or curriculum development, applied regional research that leads to scholarly publication, and/or travel to a conference.