Wazoo's List: WSU's Craigslist

Wazoo's List is a Craigslist-style Facebook group exclusively for members of the Winona State community: students, employees and retirees.

Students can use Wazoo's List to:

-- find subleasers or roommates
-- recruit for clubs and organizations
-- find rides to and from their hometowns
-- buy, sell or give away items (futons, mini-fridges, bikes, books, concert tickets, etc.)


Faculty, Staff & Retirees can use Wazoo’s List to:

-- give away zucchini from this summer’s bumper crop
-- sell your washing machine when you finally upgrade to a front-loader
-- find a cat-sitter
-- hire a student to mow your lawn
-- buy last-minute tickets to a Twins game

Wazoo's List is a place for the WSU community to connect. It is designed to serve as a resource to support sustainability efforts and to meet our community's needs.


Looking for something? Use the Search feature.


Wazoo's List Search Feature

The search feature (a little magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook group page) can be used to quickly see if there are any listing that match what you're seeking. For example, type "bike" into the search field to see if anyone has posted a bike for sale. This saves time since you don't have to scroll through unrelated posts.

Join Wazoo's List on Facebook.

Participation Expectations:

Use of Wazoo’s List is a privilege and service we expect will be used appropriately. In short, we can remove any post we deem inappropriate, ban users from the group, shut down the group if it becomes problematic, and WSU is not responsible for anything related to Wazoo’s List activity. Its use is subject to WSU’s Social Media participation guidelines, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.22 and System Procedure 5.22.1 Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources.