Global Studies and World Languages

Global Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the global studies program at Winona State University is to enable its majors to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the growing interconnectedness and interdependence between the people and countries of the world. The program challenges its students to critically examine the causes and consequences of the changes that are occurring at various levels, to shape these changes in a positive direction and to assume personal and professional responsibilities of global citizenship.

Global Studies Learning Outcomes

  • To describe globalization clearly orally as well as in writing and to explain the causes, consequences and controversy surrounding this phenomenon
  • To acquire the ability to explain how global forces are playing out in different regions and alternatively to explain how regional forces are influencing global realities
  • To demonstrate adequate knowledge of basic cultural and linguistic skills required to communicate with native speakers of the geographical region selected for study
  • To demonstrate historical understanding and a working knowledge of contemporary conditions, issues and realities in order to work, study and conduct research in the selected geographic region
  • To evaluate the concept of global citizenship and its presumed personal and professional responsibilities