Spanish Language Studies

Welcome to Spanish Language Studies at Winona State University. We offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major or minor in Spanish. Additionally, we are authorized to recommend graduates for licensure in Spanish majors. (Minnesota does not grant teaching licenses for foreign language minors) Our faculty come from an array of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds which will enhance your educational experience. By choosing this major or minor you will be able to develop language proficiency while expanding your knowledge of Hispanic cultures and literature.

Reasons to study Spanish:

  • More than 300 million people speak Spanish worldwide, making it one of the largest markets for businesses and one of the most useful languages in the world for travel
  • Close to 30 million people living in the U.S. are Hispanic, and soon one out of every six people living in the U.S. will be Hispanic. In the past, learning Spanish used to be a way to open doors, but soon it will be a necessity
  • Employers are seeking applicants who can speak Spanish in nearly every profession (medical, government, legal, journalism, finance, education, sales, etc.)
  • Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and an official language in the European Union, UNESCO, GATT and many other international organizations

Major/Minor Options:

Spanish Major

Spanish Minor

BS (Teaching) Major