What Can I Do With Global Studies?

A degree in global studies is a solid foundation for building a successful career in contemporary society. This major is particularly useful to students who may want to work in areas that involve interactions with people from different countries. This is because it trains students to think globally.

Global Studies majors from WSU have gone into different fields depending upon their interests. Here is a partial list of majors and their activities over the past few years:

Atong Jok-Berg Atong Jok-Berg graduated with a double major in Global Studies and Political Science in 2009. She went on to law school, graduated and passed the bar. Now she works with corporations and law firms with offices all over the world.
Peter Peter graduated with a double major in Global Studies and Political Science in 2009. He went on to get a graduate degree in Asian Studies from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. He is currently the manager and coordinator for an international junior high school in Taoyuan, Taiwan, where he also owns and runs his own private cram school with his wife. 


Sophie Kaplan
Sophie Kaplan

I graduated in May 2014 with a double major in Global Studies with an Asian Focus and English Literature, and with a minor in Japanese Studies and Language.  I left college knowing that I wanted to meld my global and literary knowledge into an appropriately worldly career... with that in mind I rushed to find a position at a library.

After trying my hand as an Elementary School Media Assistant for a year, I made the transition to public libraries and have been at home ever since. My degree in English (unsurprisingly) helped me master the literary side of the library coin, but my degree in Global Studies gave me perspective; perspective on world politics, economic discrepancies and cultural differences that I use at work every day. At our library we are committed to educating those who have means and those who have none equally with all of the resources at our disposal. A background in Global Studies definitely prepared me for the kind of problem-solving that working for a free, public entity requires whether it be encountering non-English speakers looking for language help, assisting recent immigrants prepare for entering the job force or allowing U.S. born locals to expand their understanding of the world around them.

I may not be aiming to be a politician, a diplomat or an ambassador, but the experiences I had in the Global Studies Program still guide me every day. I learned how to see the world with clarity and as such will always have a deeper understanding of each individual in need that finds their way through our doors.  
Steven Hanson
Steven Hanson

I graduated from Winona State University in 2010 with a double major in Political Science (International Relations) and Global Studies. After graduation I came to South Korea to teach English to elementary and middle school students.

After spending a couple years teaching, I decided to go back to school and obtained my Master of Arts in International Development and Cooperation from Korea University. Upon graduation, I started working for an international law firm as a paralegal and marketer.

Working abroad has given me the opportunity to interact with many different people from all over the world. I believe my undergraduate majors from WSU definitely prepared me for the challenges of working cross culturally in order to achieve common goals and to gain effective results.

Erik Bowitz graduated in 2012. He began teaching English in Taiwan before moving on to work for a resume-building company. Now he has been offered a job with a firm in South Africa.

Emma Prior, a graduate of 2016 and double major in Spanish and GS, has accepted employment with a software development company called EPIC in Madison, Wisconsin. Within a few months of employment, she was posted to Finland to manage the firm’s operations there.

Kevin Lewis, a 2015 graduate and also a double major in GS and political science, went to work with Ryerson, a steel manufacturing company hoping to get a placement in China where he interned with Shanghai Industries Group, a firm we have a partnership with. 

Jason Rohde, a graduate of 2014 and a double major with graphics design, works with the Target Corporation in Minneapolis.

Chris Holland, a 2014 graduate, went to graduate school at George Mason University in International Relations. Now he works for the US Government.

Carleen McMillen went to Japan with the JET program. Now she is doing a Master's degree in International Business at Yuan-Ze University in Taiwan, and also teaching Business English at the Richmond International English Institute.

Amanda Koprowski is a full-time nurse and she's also looking into international training so she can work abroad.  

Levi Johnson, a 2016 graduate, has started a graduate program in international relations at Johns Hopkins University in Nanjing, China.

Carl Soderberg is now studying politics as a graduate student at Tam Kang University (TKU) in Taiwan after teaching English there and in Korea for several years.

Jaclyn Reynolds lives in Shanghai, China where she has opened a Yoga studio and where she also teaches English.