CHOICES is a brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program for college students involving interactive journaling. The CHOICES program is presented in a non-confrontational manner that enables students to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

Throughout the 120-minute course, students will:

  • Participate in activities that engage the student and provide tools to make informed decisions about drinking
  • Be able to reflect on what they have learned as it relates to their choices about drinking
  • Be asked to apply what they have learned in a series of self-reflective questions

Register Online

Register for the next available CHOICES course.


Complete the online pre-assessment

Complete the online pre-assessment sent via WSU email approximately 3 days prior to course date and time. Failure to complete the pre-assessment may result in rescheduling your course date.

Attend the course in full (2hrs)



Complete the online post-assessment

Complete the online post assessment sent via WSU email to receive your CHOICES course ID number.

Complete the CHOICES course reflection paper

Instructions for this reflection can be found in your hearing letter. For further questions, contact your hearing officer.


Submit the reflection and course ID number online to your hearing officer.

Pay the Course Fee of $63

This fee will be posted to your student account at the time you are sanctioned. You can pay your student account at the Warrior Hub.

Please note:

  • By enrolling online your implied consent is given allowing communication with hearing officers regarding completion or failure to complete the Choices course. No other information will be relayed to hearing officer.
  • Refer to your hearing letter or contact your hearing officer for questions regarding your assigned deadline.
  • Failure to complete your sanction by the assigned deadline will result in a hold placed on registration and future enrollment.
Students who arrive more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to participate and must reschedule the course. Students must stay the entire 120 minutes. Any student who leaves early will need to repeat the course at a later date. Students who have not completed the online pre-test will not be allowed to participate and must reschedule the course. Students who show up but have not signed up, will not be allowed to participate.

Please Note:
Failure to attend your scheduled CHOICES class may subject you to further disciplinary action.
The cost of attending Choices: Getting the Facts Course is $63 charged to student accounts. All students sanctioned by the University to complete Choices: Getting the Facts Course are automatically charged the course fee. Students needing to complete an alcohol education course to fulfill outside requirements are welcomed to take Choices: Getting the Facts and will be charged $63 to their student account. To enroll for outside requirements or for billing questions, please contact Health & Wellness Services at 507-457-5160.

Class registrations will only be accepted online.

Should you need to cancel your registration, cancellations will only be accepted online up until eight hours before the scheduled class start time.

Health Promotion reserves the right to cancel a course offering with 3 or less registrations. If a section is canceled, we will automatically move registrations to the next course offering. Class cancelations will be announced via email to registered participants. 

Check your registration confirmation for course location as it varies.