E-Chug & E-Toke

E-Chug and E-Toke are online assessments used for both alcohol and marijuana violations. The course is designed to reduce negative consequences and is presented in a motivational interviewing style.

Please read all instructions before scheduling an E-Chug or E-Toke appointment.

Read the E-Chug or E-Toke Assessment Instructions

Detailed instructions (PDF) for completing the assessments are available for download.

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule an E-Chug or E-Toke Appointment online.

Please bring your laptop with you as you will need it during the appointment. All appointments take place at The Well (IWC 138).


Pay Course Fee of $63

This fee will be posted to your student account at the time you are sanctioned. You can pay your student account at the Warrior Hub.

Please Note

  • By enrolling online your implied consent is given allowing communication with hearing officers regarding completion or failure to complete the E-Chug or E-Toke program. No other information will be relayed to your hearing officer.
  • Refer to your outcome letter or contact your hearing officer for questions regarding your assigned deadline.
  • Failure to complete your sanction by the assigned deadline will result in a hold placed on registration and future enrollment.
  • Be sure to print off and bring your results to your appointment with Health Promotion.