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These workshops are not your run-of-the-mill lecture programs. These fast-paced, interactive workshops explore a wide variety of health topics focusing on prevention, awareness and skill-building to help each participant reach their highest potential wellness.

Workshops typically last 45-50 minutes and can happen right where your group or organization meets. 


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Health Promotion tries to meet all requests. However, requests are more guaranteed to be fulfilled when requested in advance of one week (7 business days) before the presentation date.

Workshops are available on the following topics.

Don’t Be a Zombie

Everybody wants to catch more ZZZs, but is that possible as a college student with everything you have to do each day? How important is sleep, really? Cat Nap, Power Nap, Shut Eye, Catch Some ZZZs- Whatever you call it, naps are essential for surviving college. This session will cover tips on the best places to recharge on and off campus.

Tackling Mt. Stressmore

Constantly stressed out? Want tips on how to manage stress? This program is for you! Join us for a program that explores what your stressors might be and practical ways to reduce your stress and still enjoy college without losing your mind.

Meditation 101: Stress Management

Feeling tense and stressed? Do you want to learn new ways to de-stress and relax? This session will cover mindful walking, relaxation through guided imagery, tactile mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and more.

Alcohol Facts on Tap

Facts on Tap provides a clear and easy way to get your questions answered about alcohol and your body, dealing with your friends’ or roommates’ drinking and more.

Pot, Pills & Powder

How much do you really know about recreational drug use? You hear about it a lot in college, from “speed” to “molly,” but is what you’re hearing actually true? Come learn about various drugs in all their forms, including cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, ecstasy and methamphetamine.

HIGHer Education

Join us for a session focused on the marijuana “high” and how THC impacts short term memory & other health concerns.

Keep It Classy, Pro Tips on Sex

Whether you are straight, bisexual, gay/lesbian, transgender, or a virgin, sex is a part of our lives and our friends' lives. Learn about common misunderstandings about sex, tips on how to avoid being accused of sexual assault and where you can get help if you or a friend experience assault or have questions.

Good In Bed? Prove It- Sexy Condom Trivia

How savvy are you when it comes to sex? Check out this program for sexual health trivia where we ask you about contraception, STIs, and even your favorite sexy lines from movies.

To request a Gender-Based Violence presentation, please contact the RE Initiative.

Health Promotion is glad to sit down with you and create a custom workshop to meet your group's needs, schedule, constraints, etc.

Please complete the request a workshop form, and we will get in touch with you.