What is SHAC?

SHAC serves as a formal, student-led voice for the well-being for the WSU Community. SHAC members listen to student health care needs, evaluate current Health & Wellness Services policies, promote public health, and improve the quality of health and wellness services at WSU.

Join WSU’s SHAC and have an opportunity to listen to student wellness needs, evaluate current wellness services and programs, promote holistic wellness, and improve well-being at Winona State.

Download a printable SHAC application here.

The 2015-2016 SHAC meets the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30-1:30pm in Kryzsko Purple Rooms 249. For more information about SHAC or the application process, feel free to contact Kate Hansen, kaehansen@winona.edu.



SHAC Benefits for Students

Students are the driving effort and empowerment to pursuit of a holistic well-being, not only for themselves, but their peers, communities, and families as well.

SHAC Benefits for Community

  • Allows for students and faculty to serve on the same committee
  • Interdisciplinary Wellness Approach: integrates different fields within the health related administration and academics
  • Provides 3 levels of communication:
    • Student-to-Student
    • Student-to-Faculty/Staff
    • Faculty/Staff-to-Faculty/Staff
  • Ability to recommend new programs and policies and/or modify existing programs and policies

SHAC Benefits for Health & Wellness Services

  • Student input/feedback
  • Evaluations
    • Internal/External
    • Focus groups
  • Representation of student concerns
  • Formal recommendations
  • Creation of 3-branch system for Student Engagement of Health & Wellness Services