WSU Athletic Training Education Program

Welcome to the WSU Athletic Training Educational Program! We pride ourselves in preparing outstanding individuals into positive contributors to the Athletic Training profession. The Admitted Student Resources at right provide you with additional necessary information to help you succeed in this academic program.

2016-17 Athletic Training Students

Class of 2017 Students

Seniors – Class of 2017
Front Row - Janelle Morem, Brenna Risch, Nikita Fetter
2nd Row - Samantha Hochmuth, Lauren Palsgrove, Melissa Peterson
3rd Row - Alyssa Finke, Callie Sitter, Teresa Nicolet
Back Row - Zane Schultz, Jaran Defries, Decker Bendtsen, Mike Walsh

 Class of 2018 Students

Juniors – Class of 2018
Front Row - Gabrielle Grochowski, Cody Shimota, Kimberly Merry
2nd Row - Kaitlyn Skaro, Lauren Hoffman, Erin Arnas
3rd Row - Erin Garry, Molly Trimble, Maggie Vihovde
4th Row - Alek Pena, Heather Buerman, Zach Harbaugh
Back Row - Nikolas Lyon, Ryan Schmitt, Brandon Stanek