How to Apply

Apply to the Health Coaching Program by following these simple steps.


Determine Your Eligibility

The program is open to students at least in their sophomore year majoring in Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Science, Social Work, and Therapeutic Recreation Departments at Winona State University. All other majors interested please contact Dr. Teresa Eber Lee for possible eligibility. 


Commit to the Program

Students must make a commitment to the program for a minimum of 3 semesters. The first semester course: HERS 348 Health Coaching: Theory to Practice (2SH). This is followed by 2 semesters of HERS 349 Health Coaching Practicum (1SH).

Apply Before the Deadline

Apply (PDF) to the Health Coaching program before the application deadline:

  • October 31 for Spring Semester.
  • March 31 for Fall Semester. 

Application Review

A committee of program directors and faculty advisors will review applications. 



Students accepted into the program will be notified prior to Registration week and given special permission to enroll in HERS 348: Health Coaching Theory to Practices.