Patient Care Policy

Athletic Training majors may not participate in patient care until he/she has met the requirements of the Athletic Training Program. These requirements must be completed prior to beginning clinical experiences for HERS 292 – Principles in Athletic Training and are described below. Athletic Training Students (ATS) that do not have each of the above completed may not participate in any patient care activities.

Upon completion of these requirements, Athletic Training students will be assigned to a preceptor and begin clinical education experiences that are planned, directed, and assessed by the preceptor. These clinical education experiences are part of HERS 292 and a Reflective Journal will be required. Athletic Training students that meet the application requirements should apply to the AT Program in November each year. Students enrolled in HERS 191 will complete an observational experience only with no direct patient care.

Prerequisites for HERS 292

After successful completion of HERS 191, BIO 211 & 212 AT majors will be required to complete the following requirements prior to enrollment HERS 292 during the Fall semester. HERS 292 in only offered in the Fall semester.

  1. First aid & CPR certification
  2. AT Program Requirements: To be completed by 3rd class meeting
    • Completed Medical History and Physical Examination – signed by MD/DO, PA or NP
      • This must include a completed Mantoux Test
    • Hepatitis B Vaccinations completed or declined (form must be signed for this)
    • Technical Standards form completed
    • Confidentiality form completed
    • Clinical Education form completed
    • Blood Borne Pathogen training completed
    • Minnesota background check completed