WSU Health Coach with program participant.

What People Are Saying...

About Health Coaching

“Knowing we’re making a difference in our community is what makes everything worthwhile”

Robin Hoeg, RN, MSHA, NHA, administrative leader for Inpatient and Senior Services at Winona Health.

“A coach can be a familiar face who helps a patient navigates his or her way to their best health” “health coaches encourage clients to talk about what works for them, what being healthy means to them, and to identify specific actions and resources that help clients to stay well, and engaged – and stay out of the hospital.”

Paula Phillips, RN Community Care Network Coordinator.

“Our partnership with Winona State University to train “health coaches” has exceeded our expectations. The commitment, care and compassion of our health coaches is amazing, and they are touching and improving lives in profound ways. Our CCN is helping clients address needs that impact their health outside the walls of Winona Health.”

Rachelle H. Schultz, President/CEO of Winona Health.