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Historical Museum Internship

The History and Legal Studies Department offers Historical Museum Internship: HIST 390. The internship involves placement in the Winona County Historical Society Museum or other historical museums for the purpose of experience and training in the field of public history. Prerequisite: HIST 360 and the permission of the department. Prospective interns should consult with their advisor and the department chair prior to approaching the internship location. Internship credits can range from 1-6 credit hours at a time and correlate to a set amount of time the intern must be on location. Internship credits may be repeated, but do not count toward completion of the history major or minor or substitute for courses in the history major or minor.

For more information, prospective interns should consult with the Department Chair:
Dr. Matthew Lindaman
Minne Hall 214
Phone: 507.457.5877