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The Law and Society Program

As one of the central forces, processes, and institutions in modern life, the law (in all its guises) merits the liberal-arts-based examination offered by the Law and Society Program.  Law and Society is a richly interdisciplinary major that enables interested students to study law and legal culture from many disciplinary, conceptual, historical, theoretical and empirical perspectives.

 A sample course sequence (PDF)  is available to help students plan to complete their major coursework in four years. Additionally, the WSU course catalog provides a full description of all required law and society courses.

A number of Law and Society majors go on to law school.  Law school, however, is not the only option. Increasingly, employers are looking for students well versed in multiple-disciplines and the Law and Society major at WSU allows students to practice a set of skills employers are looking for in the 21st century.  Any career that rewards clear thinking, good writing, articulate speaking, and the ability to ask and decipher complicated questions will be open to a well-trained Law and Society major.  WSU Law and Society graduates have found employment in careers ranging from law enforcement to sales and marketing.