Dr. Matthew Lindaman

Dr. Matthew Lindaman
Professor of History
PhD University of Kansas

Research Areas: Immigration history, World War I, World War II, Environmental history
Teaching Areas: Western Civilization surveys, World War I and Modern Memory, World War II, Modern Europe, Environmental history, Social Studies/History Teaching Methods

Professor Lindaman started teaching at Winona State in 2001 and currently serves as the chair of the department of history. He regularly teaches Western Civilization surveys in the university’s general education curriculum, while teaching upper division courses on World War I and Modern Memory, World War II, Hitler and Nazi Germany and European or World Environmental History. Professor Lindaman promotes 21st century thinking skills through use of text, images, and music in the classroom.

Dr. Lindaman has been published in "The Historian," "The Journal of American Ethnic History," "The Journal of Illinois History" and "Minnesota History." An article exploring how Younkers department store promoted civic engagement during World War II will appear in a forthcoming issue of "Annals of Iowa" (only 47 states to go). Matthew is currently finishing up a pair of books: "Heimat in the Heartland" (University of Iowa Press) and "John L. Griffith" (University of Nebraska Press). The former builds upon his interest in transatlantic immigration history and the construction of ethnic identity, while the latter explores the growth and organization of intercollegiate athletic administration between the wars, especially as it relates to a correlation in growth of alumni involvement and the nation’s push for physical preparedness between the wars. Cognizant of the upcoming one-hundred-year anniversary of World War I, Dr. Lindaman is also working on "Friends of France," a book-length project studying the writings and observations of American volunteers in France prior to America’s official entry into the war.

Professor Lindaman comes from an extended family that is deeply involved in education at both the K-12 and university levels. A former high school teacher in German language and social studies, Matthew has worked with pre-service social science/history students at Winona State over the past decade. Promoting work in history education, he was the lead investigator in "Blufflands and Prairies: Southern Minnesota’s Place in the Fabric of American History," a one-million-dollar Teaching American History grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. From 2006-2010, he served as the academic advisor for the grant, partnering Winona State’s department of history with the Southeast and Southwest Service Cooperatives and the Minnesota Historical Society to organize over fifty teacher workshops to explore Minnesota history through the theme of a sense of place.    

Outside of the classroom, Matthew can often be found following the activities of his three daughters. A former Division 1 track and cross country runner, he also remains active in the Minnesota endurance sports scene, albeit at a slower pace. Taking full advantage of the beautiful natural setting that is Winona, he participates in trail running, orienteering, and Nordic skiing. He also serves as a volunteer assistant for the Winona Senior High School cross country team.

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