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Social Science/History Teaching Degree (BT)

Winona State University is committed to offering a challenging program designed to prepare pre-service teachers for the challenges of 21st century education. Aligning with the Minnesota Board of Education requirements, a Bachelor of Teaching (BT) degree in social science/history education at Winona State requires students to take a broad range of classes in the social sciences. Many of these classes fulfill WSU general education requirements.

Along with Licensing Core Requirements, students in this major can emphasize (specialize) in:

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political science
  • Sociology

Students in this major also work with the College of Education in order to learn up-to-date pedagogical and curricular practices. Through the Social Science/History program and the College of Education, students are given a number of field experience opportunities to observe and practice social studies in a secondary school setting.

A Major Map (PDF) is available to help students plan to complete their major coursework in four years. Additionally, the WSU course catalog provides a full description of all offered history courses.

Career in Social Studies

Teachers in Social Studies have a great responsibility. As a professional, your purpose is to educate and enlighten students in the disciplines of political science, history, geography, economics and the behavioral sciences. Students who enter the program need to also show a clear desire to work with young people as a teacher in the secondary setting. The program provides preparation for teachers entering the grades 5-12 social studies field or to those seeking a variety of other careers. Increasingly, businesses are seeking employees with an understanding of history, civics and economics, coupled with the abilities to work in a team setting and utilize skills in leadership, organization and communication.

Admission Requirements: Professional Education Sequence

During the first year of the program students will take general education and core social science courses.  Admission to the professional education sequence is competitive. Admission dates take place approximately three weeks into each semester. Students are informed of their admission status prior to signing up for classes for the next semester. The College of Education offers a complete list of admission requirements.

Basic requirements include:

  1. Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or better
  2. B or better in a three-semester-hour college-level writing course (ENG 111 at WSU)
  3. B or better in a three-semester-hour college-level speech course (CMST 191 at WSU)
  4. C or better in a three-semester-hour college-level math course* (MATH 100 or higher or STAT at WSU)
    *Additional point will be given for advanced math/statistic.

Students must also take and pass the basic level MTLE examination. The College of Education also offers an overview of the MTLE.