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Student Organizations

The Department of History and Legal Studies at WSU supports a rich tradition of student organizations and active involvement outside the walls of the traditional classroom. Students are encouraged to network within these organizations, which also provide rich leadership opportunities.

The student History Association provides an intellectual and social atmosphere to discuss various aspects of history. The History Association strives to promote history as a positive area of learning among students, faculty and administration at Winona State University. The History Association provides students with information and opportunities in employment, internships, professional conferences and encounters in the field of history. The Association promotes a number of social opportunities throughout the year, including active involvement in the annual homecoming festivities. The Association shares members and officers with the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society and serves as a link between the students and the faculty in WSU’s history and social science/history teaching programs. The History Association is open to history minors and non-history majors that are interested in the discipline of history. 

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Phi Alpha Theta is an American Honor Society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has over 350,000 members through 860 local chapters. Phi Alpha Theta was established on March 17, 1921 at the University of Arkansas by Professor Nels Cleven. The WSU chapter inducts eligible students on an annual basis. Students wishing to inquire about eligibility are encouraged to attend History Association meetings or contact the chapter advisor, Dr. Matthew Lungerhausen, at

The Winona State Legal Society is a group of students from many different majors from Law and Society and Legal Studies to English and Political Science. Students are at many different stages of their education and are interested in attending or planning to attend law school. Throughout the year, WSLS helps students to gain the knowledge they need to become successful in their plans on law schools, helps to prepare them for the LSAT and life during law school, offers help in choosing law school and allows students to network with students of similar goals.