Current Students

Whether you are just entering the HLA program or are nearing the end of your degree, this page has information to help you be successful as an HLA student. 


Once you've been admitted to WSU, please carefully read through the steps you must take after your HLA advising appointment.

To satisfy the academic standards of the HLA major, students must:

  • Adhere to all WSU student policies including the Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Conduct Code. Refer to the Conduct and Citizenship policies for more details.
  • Practice ethical conduct. Integrity is essential for online students. It is expected that all online work is the work only of the student enrolled. See the Academic Integrity Policy for details. WSU will conduct spot checks on all enrolled students.
  • Follow appropriate online etiquette: Taking an online course and corresponding via the World Wide Web presents communicators with the task of overcoming the lack of non-verbals in communication. When taking a course online, it is important to remember several points of etiquette that will facilitate communication between the students and their instructors. Please be respectful and courteous at all times in written or direct communications with your instructor and fellow classmates. Behave as politely as you would in a regular classroom. Language that might come across as offensive, inappropriate or strong will not be tolerated. For more specific rules on etiquette, consult your course materials.
  • Take all HLA major courses for a letter grade.

HLA 300 Policy: Upon admission to the HLA program, students must take HLA 300. If students do not pass HLA 300 in their first semester, they must meet with the program director before being permitted to progress in the program. Students must pass HLA 300 within their first two semesters of being an HLA student.

HLA Progression Policy: Beginning Fall 2015, students admitted to the HLA program must complete the program within three years of their first semester taking HLA courses. Plans of study follow either a two- or three-year progression sequence. To complete in three years, students average taking two courses per semester.

HLA Readmission Policy: Admitted HLA majors who do not take HLA core or elective courses for two consecutive semesters are considered inactive and must reapply to the program during the next admission cycle. Students who reapply will adhere to the most current admission requirements and policies.

A total of 120 semester credits are needed to graduate with a baccalaureate degree from Winona State University. Graduation requirements include completion of WSU General Education Program (GEP) requirements, as well as all HLA major course requirements. Technical credits that have been approved in articulation and/or transfer may apply to the necessary 120 credit total.

At least 40 of the required 120 credits must be upper division (300 and 400 level). Also, at least 30 of the 120 credits needed for graduation must be earned at WSU during a student's junior and senior years.

In order to qualify for graduation, HLA students must additionally demonstrate a 2.5 GPA in HLA major coursework and achieve a "C" or above in all courses that count toward the HLA major.

For a checklist of WSU's graduation requirements, see the Academic Policies & University Requirements section of the WSU Undergraduate Catalog

If you are unable to find the online general education courses you need/desire from WSU, you can take online general education courses from any other Minnesota State institution and have them transferred into WSU.

Rochester Community & Technical College (RCTC) has online options for every category of the General Education Program. If you would like advising regarding general education courses at RCTC, please contact Paula Carlsen at who serves both RCTC and Winona State students on the University Rochester Center campus.

If you take courses at another Minnesota State school while you are in the HLA program, they will not show up on your WSU transcript until you request that they be retrieved from the school from which you have taken them.

After you have finished a semester and your grades are posted at all institutions, complete this online request form to have your grades brought into your WSU student record.

This form is not a request to have WSU provide you with an electronic version of your WSU transcript via e-mail or to mail a copy of your WSU transcript.

Any questions about this process or the status of a transcript evaluation should be directed to the Warrior Hub.