Health & Wellness Management (51 Credits)

Online Bachelor's Completion Degree

Program at a Glance

Turn your passion for wellness into a career! With a foundation in health and wellness, management, and communication coupled with cutting edge concepts of applied analytics, lifestyle medicine and fitness technology, our program can position you for success in the growing field of Health & Wellness.

Build your skills and knowledge for this in-demand profession. Gain real-world experience and a competitive edge by becoming a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach.

Find employment that fulfills you in a variety of environments, such as team-based healthcare organizations, and non-profit, government, corporate, and community settings.

If you are driven to cultivate a culture of wellness and address the most prevalent health concerns of our time by empowering individuals and communities to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve their quality of life, then this program is for you!

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will gain the following core competencies in this program.

  • Design, assess, and evaluate population health and wellness needs
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate health policies
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate health and wellness programs and plans
  • Understand and apply public health scientific foundations and best practices
  • Develop, maintain, and elevate collaborative relationships and partnerships
  • Negotiate needed community health resources
  • Defend and advocate public health policies and programs
  • Strategies to enhance community engagement in health and wellness
  • Analyze and develop health and wellness research
  • Strategies to solicit community voices and agency
  • Facilitate crucial community conversations
  • Communicate data and information to the public in meaningful ways
  • Strategies to understand and respond to diverse needs
  • Assess and address the cultural sustainability of policies and programs
  • Effectively manage a diverse public health workforce
  • Access public and private funding mechanisms
  • Develop and adjust budgets
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders
  • Utilize evidence-based and data-informed decision making for continuous quality improvement
  • Manage change initiatives

What to Expect


100% of graduates were overall satisfied with our multi-disciplinary and entirely online program.

ACE Health Coach Certification

Health coaches are an important member of the healthcare team who support individuals in creating and sustaining wellness lifestyle changes as recommended by their healthcare providers.

Health Coaches are now a billable service for health insurance companies, which means this field will be in high demand and change the future of healthcare delivery.

As an educational partner of ACE, the following courses prepare you to sit for the ACE National Certification Exam for Health Coaches at a discounted rate: 


Typically, adult entry students with full- or part-time jobs and a 2-year degree 

Time Commitment

2-3 years to degree completion 

View the the two-year program plan (PDF) and the three-year program plan (PDF).

Approximate Cost

$17,500 + books + CPR Certification + ACE Certification Exam

Learn more about tuition costs and financial aid for this program.

Career Outcomes

Common job titles held by health and wellness professionals include:

  • Community or Public Health Educator
  • Corporate Wellness Manager
  • Wellness Coach
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • Community Health and Wellness Director
  • Wellness Program Consultant
  • Fitness Center Manager 
Industry growth is projected at 11% through 2028 which is considered much faster than average.

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information about this career field and its projected growth.