HLA Health & Wellness Management Option

The Health & Wellness Management (HWM) option prepares students to develop, implement and sustain health and wellness programs.

This option is intended for working adult students that wish to get into the health and wellness field regardless of previous or current experience.

The eight learning domains of this option align with the Public Health Foundation's Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals.

If you are a current WSU student, the Public Health - Health Administration degree is a hybrid program designed specifically for you.

If you are currently employed in healthcare and wish to obtain higher-level leadership positions in your current area of expertise, you may also consider the HLA Leadership option.


What students can expect to learn in the Health & Wellness Management Option:

Focused on finding and understanding data, turning data into actionable information, assessing needs and resources to address health needs, developing community health assessments, and practicing evidence-based decision making.

Focused on determining need and planning, implementing and evaluating policies and programs. Also includes the development and implementation of community health improvement plans and strategic plans.

Focused on soliciting and using community input, communicating data and information, facilitating communications, and broadly communicating the roles of government and health care.

Focused on understanding and responding to diverse needs and supporting a diverse public health workforce, while assessing cultural competence and the impact of policies and programs on different populations.

Focused on elevating and developing relationships within the community, maintaining and advancing partnerships, negotiating for the use of resources, defending public health policies and programs, and improving community engagement.

Focused on understanding the foundation of public health, applying public sciences to practice, analyzing and developing research, using evidence-based findings in the development of policies and programs, and establishing academic partnerships.

Focused on engaging government agencies that address community health needs and leveraging public health and health care funding mechanisms. Also involves developing and defending budgets, motivating internal and external stakeholders, evaluating and improving programs, and establishing and utilizing metrics to improve organizational performance.

Focused on creating opportunities for collaboration, making adjustments to address changing needs, ensuring continuous quality improvement, managing organizational change, and advocating for the role of governmental public health.

HLA Required Coursework (47 credits)

All required courses for HLA majors are offered online with your choice of a two-year plan of study (PDF) or three-year plan of study (PDF). Select the option that best fits your needs.

Review the WSU Undergraduate Catalog for the WSU required curriculum course descriptions.

Health and Wellness Management Three-Year Plan (PDF)


Interdisciplinary Core (29 credits)

Business Administration & Management
HADM 317 Management of Human Resources in Healthcare (3 cr) (GEP Writing Intensive)
HADM 435 Managing for Quality in Healthcare (3 cr)
HADM 441 Healthcare Law and Ethics (2 cr)

Educational Leadership
LDRS 414 Health Care Introduction to Change Leadership (3 cr)
LDRS 449 Health Care Appreciative Coaching Theory & Practice (1 cr)
LDRS 443 Leadership & Team Development (3 cr)

Healthcare Leadership & Administration
HLA 300 Foundation of Healthcare & Online Learning (2 cr)
HLA 406 Information Management & Decision Making for Healthcare Leaders (3 cr)
HLA 451 Managing Projects in Healthcare (3 cr)
HLA 452 Financial Resource Management in Healthcare (3 cr)

HLA 301 Statistical Thinking for Healthcare (3 cr) (GEP Critical Analysis/Math Stats Intensive)


Health & Wellness Management Option (18 credits)

Public Health
HLA 310 Fundamentals of Health & Wellness (3 cr)
HLA 312 Public Health Principles & Practices (3 cr) 
HLA 315 Promoting Wellness (3 cr)
HLA 415 Grant Writing (3 cr) (GEP Writing Intensive)
HLA 420 Designing Wellness Programs (3 cr)

Healthcare Leadership & Administration
HLA 422 Healthcare Professional Development Capstone (3 cr) (GEP Oral Intensive)