Admission Process and Eligibility Requirements

When you formally apply to Winona State, you will declare a Pre-HLA major (PHLA) on the WSU admission application. Be sure to check the application deadline, which is usually 45 days before the semester begins.

After submitting your application to Winona State, be on the look out for a follow up email that will direct you to supplemental application questions required specifically for the HLA program. 

Once admitted to the university, HLA candidates are formally evaluated by means of an application rubric using information gathered from both the university application and the HLA supplemental application.

This rubric rates student qualifications based on the following criteria:

  • overall GPA, total credits earned toward the General Education Program (GEP)
  • total credits earned toward graduation
  • years of professional work experience

HLA Admission Requirements

To be considered eligible for admission into the HLA Program, a HLA applicant must:
  • Possess an associate (AAS, AS, or AA) degree from a regionally accredited college.
  • Have earned 60 or more credits (junior/senior standing) at the time of application, or will do so prior to the start of HLA major coursework.
  • Must be accepted into Winona State and meet the requirements of either an Adult Entry Student or Transfer Student.
  • Have completed the General Education Program (GEP) Goal 1: Communication requirement. Please note that completion of this requirement may be achieved through transfer coursework and that all GEP requirements are met by those who have earned an AA degree.
  • Meet all application requirements outlined in the WSU Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Those pursuing the Leadership option will also need to demonstrate current or previous professional experience in a healthcare-related field.

Additional Admission Considerations

  • With your admission letter to Winona State, you will also receive a Degree Audit Report (DAR) detailing how your transfer coursework is applied at WSU. Upon reviewing this report, some prospective HLA students find that they are deficient in a number of General Education Program requirements. If you are admitted to the university and are determined to be a good candidate for the HLA program but have more than 9 credits left to complete in the General Education Program, you will be advised to complete those requirements and reapply to the HLA program a later semester. An HLA advisor can help you plan for this.
  • Students are expected to have the computer hardware and skills necessary for successful participation in online courses.
  • Please note that those with 2-year RN degrees should consider the RN completion program.