Programmatic Implementation, Evaluation, and Summit on Integrated Wellness at Winona State University

Co-PIs:  Adrian Shepard, Connie Kamara, Erica Thibodeaux, Shawnessy Mohawk, Janneke Quick, Nicole Donaldson, Tucker Blegen

The Well-Connected Theme sub-committees (including students, faculty, and staff from diverse departments across campus), and community members will not only be conducting numerous programs and events but also monitoring and evaluating each programmatic effort. The theme sub-committee will also be responsible for implementing an overall population-based survey and behavior change impact study. The yearlong university-wide programmatic implementation and evaluation will conclude with a Wellness Summit in June of 2013, where findings and recommendations can be disseminated. The summit will also provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community members to engage in a participatory manner and showcase their work and efforts to promote wellness.