A Traveling Health Clinic for Under-Served Communities: Pilot and Feasibility Study

Co-PIS: Susan Davies, Cindy Bork, Deborah Mangan-Danckwart, Linda Smith, Carrie Spier, Amy Reitmaier, Shirley Newberry, Kathryn Lammers

This project seeks to develop a traveling health outreach clinic, initially for older adults, which will provide practicum experiences for undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students.  This service learning development will enable students to provide basic assessment and health education and support to underserved communities under the supervision of expert faculty.  An exploration of the potential to involve students in other departments, including Health Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences (HERS), Social Work, Recreational Therapy and Tourism, and Marketing, as well as the graduate nursing programs, in future developments will be an important component of this project.