Implementing and Sustaining Quality Matters at WSU

Co-PIs:  Ken Graetz, Chad Kjorlien, Robin O'Callaghan

The university’s three-part strategy of investing in online course delivery for residential undergraduate students during the summer, supporting online graduate programs, and developing distinctive online continuing education programs is resulting in more instructors and departments redesigning courses for online delivery. While the University has a program in place to work with faculty to develop online courses, it is important to move to the next step and implement a formal review process that results in the certification of online courses as Quality Matters (QM) approved. Formal certification verifies that the faculty member’s course has met those standards. One of the goals of this project is the development of a learning community composed of those instructors who participated in a formal review. Sharing experiences and ideas with other instructors at various stages in the redesign process will help create a culture of quality around online instruction.