Dining & Meal Plans

All students living in the residence halls are required to be on a meal plan. There are a variety of meal plans students can choose from.

If you would like more information on Dining Services, contact Housing & Residence Life at housing@winona.edu.

The meal plans at Winona State University are based on a certain number of meals per week. Meal plans begin on Friday and end on Thursday.

For example, if a student chooses a 14 Meal Plan, they will have 14 meals to use for that week. If they only use 10 meals by the end of the week (Thursday), they will lose the remaining meals, and another 14 meals will be available starting on Friday.

Your Meal Plan and Kryzsko Kash are loaded onto your Student ID card.

Meal Plan options are based on your room assignment. Once you select your room in early summer, you will be able to choose your meal plan. 

If you do not select a meal plan by July 15, you will be assigned a 14 Meal/Week Plan to start the school year.

Meal plans are not available during the summer.

Students who want to change their meal plan need to fill out a Change of On-Campus Meal Plan Form at the Housing Office in Kryzsko Commons.

Students can increase their meal plan at any time throughout the semester.

If you want to decrease your meal plan, you must do so by 4:30pm on the 10th class day of the semester:

  • Sept. 4, 2020 (for Fall Semester)
  • Jan. 22, 2021 (for Spring Semester).

Kryzsko Kash is a fund of money that is included with a 7, 10, 14, or 19 meal plan. It is also an option for the 75 Meal Block Plan.

Kryzsko Kash gives you the flexibility to eat at other Dining locations on campus. Each purchase you make is deducted from your total balance.

Kryzsko Kash must be used by the end of spring semester or you will lose any remaining funds. Kryzsko Kash is not refundable per your Housing & Dining Agreement.

If you use all of your Kryzsko Kash and would like more funds available, you can purchase more Kryzsko Kash at the Housing Office in $50 increments.

Kryzsko Kash is different than Purple Pass.

Purple Pass is a program that allows you to load money onto your Student ID card and use it like a debit card at a variety of places on campus and around Winona.

You can use Purple Pass to buy meals, beverages and snacks at dining locations and also make purchases at the WSU Bookstore, color printing in the Library and more. 

Purple Pass is not tied to your meal plan at all. It is an additional fund of money that you control how much to deposit, and it always carries over from semester to semester.

Set up your Purple Pass and deposit funds today!

Students who live off-campus or at East Lake Apartments/Sustainability House have the option of purchasing a 75 Block Plan. The meals on this plan can be used for meals in either Jack Kane dining center or Lourdes Dining Center, as well as in Zane's in Kryzsko Commons. The 75 Block Plan is a declining balance; each time you swipe your card for a meal it is subtracted from your 75 meal total. Once the meals are used, you have the option to purchase another 75 Block Meal Plan or a 35 Block Plan. A 35 Block Plan can only be purchased only if a 75 Block Plan is purchased first.

Kryzsko Kash is also an option to add to your Block Plan. You can indicate this when you sign up for your meal plan at the Housing Office. Both Kryzsko Kash and the Block Plan need to be used by the end of spring semester, or the remaining funds will be lost. Kryzsko Kash is non-refundable.

Students can choose to purchase one or multiple Block Plans at one time.

Unlike the weekly meal plan, the Block Plan does not limit how many meals per week you want to use. For example, you could use 3 meals one week and 14 meals another week. Each meal is simply deducted from your overall balance.

All Block Plans must be requested at the Housing & Residence Life Office in Kryzsko Commons.

75 Block Plan = $575
35 Block Plan = $280

If you require a special diet, the Chartwells staff is ready to help you find foods you can enjoy.

Contact Sarah Nicklay, a registered dietitian, at sarah.nicklay@compass-usa.com to set up a meeting.

During this meeting, a conversation will focus on the following to develop a plan that fits your dining needs:

  • your specific allergy or medical condition
  • a review of menu items and ingredients used
  • specialty products you may need
  • cross-contamination concerns

Students can track their meals used and Kryzsko Kash balances online through GET Funds.

GET Funds is also where you can track your Purple Pass balance and add more funds.

Purple Pass is another option in addition to your meal plan that allows you to use your Student ID card like a debit card to purchase food on campus.

Throughout the academic year, weekly dining advisory meetings are held. These meetings are student-led through the Residence Housing Association and include:

  • student representatives from all of the residence halls
  • Student Senate
  • the Director of Housing & Residence Life
  • Director of the Student Union
  • individuals from the Dining Services Management team

RHA holds hall meetings every Monday evening where students have an opportunity to submit questions and comments to Chartwells Dining Services staff.

These comments are presented at the dining advisory meetings and as a team we address the issues and opportunities to help educate students on how to get the most out of their dining experience here at WSU. Updates and upcoming dining events are also shared.