Get Involved

Getting involved on campus is one way to enhance your college experience. Whether you are looking to step up into a leadership role through Hall Council and RHA or become a student employee, we are confident your experiences will increase your leadership skills.

If you are not ready to take on a formal leadership role, don’t worry, there are still many ways to get involved by participating in your floor or hall events, assist your RA with planning an event, or volunteering to help on the Welcome Crew. 

International and American students ice-skating

What is Global Connections?

Global Connections helps roommates from different countries get to know one another and encourage cultural exchange.

What are the benefits for American students?

  • Move in early for free
  • Meet other international students and their American roommates
  • Get settled on campus before the rush
  • Get invited to special social events throughout the year

One of the best aspects about attending a university is that you get to meet so many different people from different backgrounds. When you have an international roommate, you get to learn about another culture. You also get a new friend!

Important Dates

  • Sunday, Aug. 20 – Move into your room for free.
  • Sunday, Aug. 20 (evening) – We will host a dinner with all American and international student roommates. We will also have fun icebreakers and tools for communication.

Will my international roommate speak English?

Yes, international students speak English. Many international students have grown up learning English. International students who are here to obtain a four-year degree typically have to pass an exam proving their English ability at a university.

International exchange students may be attending WSU for a short period of time to participate in English Learning Classes (ELC) or take courses. These students have less sophisticated English skills but are able to socialize with you and will be interested to make friends with you!

How do I get in contact with my new roommate?

Check your WSU email for communication from Housing and Residence Life.

How do I learn more about the culture of my new roommate?

  • You will receive a short summary of the cultural aspects of your roommate’s country in your WSU email.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Many people around the world enjoy American music, movies, and food! There is a good chance your roommate has eaten at an American fast food restaurant, enjoyed American music, and appreciated American movies and TV shows – all in their home country!

Resident Hall Assistant Students

Residence Housing Association (RHA) is the governing body of the residence halls on campus. Our mission is to serve the students living in the halls and to make it the best experience possible.

Each year the Hall Council consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are held by both freshmen and upperclassmen.

The Council hosts weekly meetings on Monday nights in your hall. You can ask questions and give feedback or concerns to your elected Hall Council members.

We are currently accepting Hall Council Applications. If you are looking to get involved and enhance your experience, consider applying for a position. Applications are typically due on the third Monday of the semester.

Hall Council Duties

  • The Hall Council acts as a liaison between administration and the students, informing them of current events on campus and general announcements
  • Provide a place for students to voice their opinions and concerns
  • Sponsor fun events with RHA. In the past they have hosted West Fest, Block Party, Sheehan Luau, and East Lake Carnival. 
  • Are you looking to have minor changes within your hall? Do you have feedback on your meal plan or dining services? Do you want different items available at the front desk for students to utilize? Bring these thoughts up at a meeting and the Hall Council members will work with the Hall Director to see if change is possible. 

Regional & National Affiliations

MACURH (Midwest Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls)

NACURH (National Association of College & University Residence Halls)

Each year, our local chapter travels to the regional and national conferences to learn new ways to improve our residence life program and ensure a positive and lasting on-campus experience.

RHA Forms

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a student honorary founded in 1964 and is supported by National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Incorporated (NACURH). Members of NRHH are leaders within the residence halls. NRHH strives to recognize individuals who have contributed to the advancement of Housing & Residence Life and the Winona State University community. NRHH also provides its members with resource sharing, programming, and leadership development opportunities. In order to join, fill out the application form.

The IPPI chapter of NRHH at Winona State University was founded in 1994 and can have 25 active members in the honorary. We believe that recognition is a necessity in creating a strong residence hall community. Our mission is to recognize all the dedicated and inspiring leaders on our campus for all they do. Members complete monthly recognition projects, write Of-The-Month (OTM) nominations, and complete service projects each semester. The organization also hosts annual recognition banquets to recognize other outstanding leaders.

Of the Month Awards (OTMs)
OTM, or Of The Month awards, are ways to recognize outstanding individuals and residence hall programs that have made significant impacts on our campus. OTMs are short essay nominations (between 200-600 words).

Anyone is welcome to submit an OTM nomination as a way to say "Good Job!" for all of the hard work individuals put in on a daily basis.

To write an OTM nomination, fill out the submission form online. OTMs are due at midnight on the 5th of every month. OTMs are graded on campus, regional, and national levels and are a great way for other universities to see all of the amazing people and events that our school has to offer!

WSU welcome crew on campus 

What is the Welcome Crew?

The WSU Welcome Crew is a combination of student, staff, faculty, retiree and alumni volunteers who assist new students and their families with their move into the residence halls each fall.

Sign up to volunteer!

What Would I do as a Volunteer?

Welcome Crew Volunteer responsibilities may include: controlling traffic, unloading vehicles, transporting belongings to rooms, making posters, distributing keys and student ID cards, and, most importantly, making new students feel welcome.

Necessary Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • High level of positive energy and enthusiasm
  • Comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • A desire to help incoming students feel at home at WSU
  • Ability to lift and move items
  • Ability to follow direction well
  • Ability to be prompt and on time

Important Dates

  • Sunday, August 19 - Volunteers who will be living on campus will be allowed to move in to their residence hall at no charge. Information on moving in early will be sent via your WSU e-mail in July 2018.
  • Monday, August 20 - Mandatory meeting at 9am and assist residence hall staff with final opening prep work
  • Tuesday, August 21 - Assist with move-in day activities 8am - 3pm (must be available all day)

Volunteer Benefits

  • Receive a free Welcome Crew T-Shirt
  • Opportunity to meet new students and their families
  • Positive, free way to promote your registered student organization
  • Early arrival fee waived if you work two shifts (for students living on campus)
  • Great volunteer opportunity