Students on move-in committee

Move In and Move Out Information

Housing & Residence life hopes to make your transition to Winona State University or from hall to hall easy and fun!

Please take some time to review the following information regarding move in and move out procedures.

Things to Bring

We encourage you to talk with your roommate about which items you each will bring to campus. This will help avoid the duplication of some items. The Off-to-College Checklist (PDF) can help you remember all the necessities.

Housing & Residence Life asks that you leave these items at home: toaster oven, hot plate, wireless router, indoor grill, drums, pets, deep fryer, waffle maker, candle warmer, air conditioner, and coffee pots.

Loft Information

All rooms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to a height of 3 feet without a loft extension kit. If you have a question about bed sizes or want to request a loft, learn more about renting lofts.

Residence Hall Linens

Housing and Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to ensure everyone has a convenient, affordable way to purchase sheets for extra-long mattresses. They also offer comforters, matching towels and storage items.

To order linens, visit the Residence Hall Linens Program website. 

These items will be shipped as soon as they are ordered, so please ensure you enter the correct address of where you would like these items shipped.

International students wanting to order can ship their items directly to:
WSU Housing & Residence Life
175 W Mark Street
235 Kryzsko Commons
Winona, MN  55987

Room Key & Warrior ID

You will receive these items when you meet with a Resident Assistant/Community Assistant (RA/CA) during check-in. If you do not already have your Warrior ID card, you can get it at the Campus Card Office in Maxwell Hall.

Door Access

All of our residence halls are locked 24/7 and you will need your Warrior ID card to access your residence hall. You are only given card access to the hall you are living in.


If you are billed for a loft or damage to a room, you can view the charges on the billing statements site.

The 2019 Move-In Day Traffic Maps (PDF) can give you an idea of how traffic may flow around the residence halls.

When to Check In

First year students will move into their residence hall room on or after Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020.

The residence hall doors open at 9am with the busiest times being around 9am and 1pm.

Returning students are encouraged to begin moving on or after Thursday, Aug. 20, 2019.

Students in the East Lake Apartments and the Veteran's Center House can move in beginning August 15.

Arriving on Campus

When you arrive to Winona State University, go directly to your assigned residence hall. There, you will pick up your room key, Warrior ID and fill out necessary paperwork.

There will be Welcome Crew volunteers (students, staff and faculty) in purple t-shirts assisting with traffic control and handing out a temporary parking pass for your dashboard.

Welcome Crew volunteers can help you with parking, checking into your room and moving things. If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask!

Please allow at least 2 hours to check into your room, assemble your loft, (if you rented one), and move your belongings into your room.

We find that most students underestimate the time it takes to complete and return all required paperwork and physically move their belongings into their room.

Parking & Unloading

There will be designated 20 minute unloading zones that will allow you to unload your vehicle. Once your vehicle is unloaded, we ask that someone from your group park it in a University parking lot away from the residence halls or on one of the streets surrounding campus.

Please avoid parking on any green space in order to maintain the beauty of our campus.

Please refer to the Traffic Maps for Move-In Day (PDF).

Meal Plan

All students living in the residence halls are required to be on a meal plan, with the exception of students living at the East Lake Apartments and Veteran's Center House.

The first meal served is brunch on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

First Floor Meeting

All students living in the residence halls will have a mandatory floor meeting at 6pm on move-in day. Watch for signs posted on your floor regarding the time and location of your floor meeting.

Fall Semester Move-In Begins at 9 am on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Early Arrival Requests must be submitted by Aug. 1, 2020

You may request to move into the residence halls as early as Monday, Aug. 17. There is a fee of $30/day charge that will be applied to your student account if you choose to move in early.

To request an Early Arrival, login to your housing portal via e-services; click on "Housing & Dining". Once you are logged in, you can access the Early Arrival Request form under "Housing Forms".

Please note that there will be limited resources for students who arrive before Aug. 17. This includes shuttle service, front desk hours and food service.

Meal plans start on Wednesday, Aug. 19 with brunch. Shuttle Service begins on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

All students arriving prior to our official move-in day on Aug. 19 will receive specific move-in information via their WSU e-mail address in early August. This information will include check-in times, key pick-up and other information.

Early Arrival for Special Groups

If you are part of the following University-related groups, please complete the Early Arrival Request Form (form will be up effective July 1) to notify our staff.

The Housing Office also works closely with your coaches and advisors to prepare for your early arrival to campus

  • Warrior Expedition
  • Family Ties
  • Success Coach Program
  • Orientation Leaders
  • Fall Athletics
  • Orientation Leaders
  • Welcome Crew Volunteers
  • Aug. 19 Registration

When to Check In

New and transfer students who need to register for classes on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020 can move into their residence hall room on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020 beginning at 9am.

Please call the staff member on call for your residence hall using the numbers provided below to coordinate your check-in.

All other students moving into the residence halls or returning from Winter Break can begin moving in on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 9am.

Arriving to Campus

Please go directly to the residence hall you are assigned to. Upon your arrival, you will need to contact a staff member to get your room key and fill out required paperwork.

See below for the number associated with your residence hall. These numbers will also be posted on the entrances of all the halls.

Please allow at least 2 hours to check into your room, assemble your loft, and move your belongings into your room.

We find that most students underestimate the time it takes to complete and return all required paperwork and physically move their belongings into their room.


You may temporarily park near the residence halls to unload your vehicle(s) for moving in. However, once you have unloaded your items, you must park on the street or in the appropriate lot if you have a parking permit.

Keep in Mind Alternate Side Parking Rules

From Nov. 15 to March 15, vehicles parked on all city streets between midnight and 6:30am must be on the even-numbered side of the street when the date is even and on the odd-numbered side of the street when the date is odd.

This is based on street addresses-- generally the north or east side of a street is even-numbered and the south or west side of a street is odd-numbered.

For more information, please visit the City of Winona website.

Meal Plan

All students living in the residence halls are required to be on a meal plan, with the exception of students living at the East Lake Apartments and the Veteran's Center House.

Meal plans for Spring Semester will begin on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020 with brunch.


Normal shuttle services will resume on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020.

Staff Contact Information

We realize you will have questions as you settle into your room. Our staff will be available to answer your questions at your hall front desk or via the numbers below.

If there is an emergency and you need to contact a staff member immediately, please contact the number below for your residence hall or call Security.

Residence Hall  Address  Staff Phone Number
Lourdes 457 Gould St. 507.458.4615
Sheehan 264 W. Mark St. 507.458.4544
Prentiss-Lucas 265 W. King St. 507.458.4557
Tau/Maria 455 Hilbert St. 507.458.4603
Kirkland/Haake 223/263 W. Mark St. 507.429.8918
256 W. King St.
404 Huff St.
403 Winona St.

East Lake A/B/C/D
Sustainability House
630/634/636/640 Franklin St.
377 Main St.
Security   507.457.5555

Moving Out in Spring 2020

The residence halls officially close at 5pm on Friday, May 8, 2020 with the exception of the East Lake Apartments and Veteran's Center House which will close at 12pm on May 15, 2020.

All students must check out with their RA/CA by this time. The following information is meant to be a helpful guide to having a successful check-out of the residence halls.

End of Semester Meetings

Your RA/CA will hold a mandatory End of Semester meeting the week of April 14. This meeting will provide you with the information you need to have a smooth and successful check-out.

Cleaning Expectations

Your room/apartment is expected to be in the same condition, if not better, than it was when you moved in. You will be asked to clean your room according to the following Cleaning Expectations (PDF). Specific cleaning instructions will be given to you by your RA/CA. You may want to bring cleaning supplies from home to assist you such as rags, a vacuum, window cleaner, etc.

Forwarding Your Mail

The Housing Office will forward your mail for 30 days. After June 8, 2020 (June 15 for East Lake), all mail will be returned to sender. You can fill out a "Change of Address" form at the post office or online.

Check-Out Procedures

  • Be in your room at the check-out time you scheduled with your RA/CA
  • Have your room cleaned according to the Cleaning Expectations (PDF) for your residence hall
  • Have all of your belongings removed from your room and the hallway outside of your room prior to checking out with the RA/CA
  • Turn in your room key to the RA/CA
  • Sign your Room Condition Report (RCR) and provide your forwarding address and phone number

Cancelling Your Housing Agreement

There are financial penalties for breaking your housing agreement early.

Before you decide to move out of the residence halls, please talk with your Hall Director or a staff member in the Housing & Residence Life Office located in Kryzsko Commons 235.

Your housing agreement term is for one academic year. Students who choose to leave the residence halls before the last day of their housing agreement or have their agreement cancelled for conduct reasons must follow the procedures below.

  1. Complete the Room & Meal Plan Cancellation Form on your StarRez Housing Portal. Note: If you were granted a room change, you do not need fill out this form.
  2. Set up a check-out time with your RA/CA. If your RA/CA is not available, you may check-out with another RA/CA within the complex. If you are not able to find a staff member to assist you, please stop at your hall front desk for assistance.
  3. Properly return your loft, if you rented one. Contact your RA/CA prior to your check-out time for specific loft return instructions.
  4. Clean your room according to the Cleaning Expectations Checklist (PDF).
  5. Be sure to update your address with family/friends and businesses. The Housing Office will forward mail for 30 days after you check-out. After that, all mail and packages will be "Returned to Sender". Please update your address for any online companies you may have purchased from as well i.e. Amazon, Target, etc.
  6. Review your account. Once you check-out, your account will be updated within 3-5 business days.

If you have any questions about the check-out process, please contact your Hall Director or the Housing Office.