Explore Housing at WSU

Why Live On Campus?

Living on campus is a huge part of the classic college experience and it’s a good way to ease the transition into your first year at WSU.

In your residence hall, you have:

  • convenient access to campus amenities like the dining hall and academic resources
  • a Resident Assistant who will look out for you and answer any questions
  • easy opportunities to make friends

Having all of these support systems makes it easier for you to focus on classes and getting to know campus. You’ll be moving away from home, but you won’t be totally on your own.

Learn about the campus housing experience in the Residence Life Guide.

If you want to live off campus though, here's some resources to start your search for off-campus housing. We’ll miss you!

See Your Residence Hall Options

Main Campus

Convenience is key.

Main Campus is where it’s at, with several housing options all within minutes of the dining hall, library, fitness center and classrooms.

West Campus

Just around the corner and a short shuttle ride away, West Campus is a unique experience with two residence halls that are broken up into houses complete with mottos and crests.

Each semester, the houses compete for points through games and events. Think: Your very own Harry Potter Adventure at Hogwarts.

Plus, there’s a dining hall and fitness center located right in Lourdes Hall for extra convenience.

East Lake Apartments

All grown up. Upper-level students can spread out in the spacious East Lake Apartments.

Get ready to enjoy a little taste of off-campus freedom with all the benefits of on-campus amenities.

The best way to experience the residences hall is to schedule a campus tour. Visit WSU today!

Learn more about life in Winona and get a taste of that #WarriorLife.

Housing Amenities & Special Accommodations

Each residence hall is unique, but they all come with certain standard amenities, like lounge areas and laundry facilities.

If you have a disability that may require special housing considerations, let us know so we can provide you with the right resources.

Learn more about accommodations for accessibility in the residence halls.