Student listening to roommate playing guitar

Roommate Information

When you live on campus, it’s quite likely that you will have at least one roommate. While several residence halls have private bedrooms, there are still common spaces like bathrooms and lounges that you’ll share with others.

It can be a challenge to live with a roommate – especially if you are used to having your own room. Even if you shared a room growing up, living with a roommate is different than sharing space siblings.

Here are some tips to help you learn how to be a good roommate yourself and have a great experience with your roommates.

Starting Dec.1, 2019, you will be able to login into your StarRez Housing Portal through Student eServices to access the Roommate Search feature.

This is an optional process if you would like to find a roommate.

Within the Roommate Search feature, you can actively search for a potential roommate and receive recommendations for potential roommates based on lifestyle questions you fill out in the initial portion of your application.

The class of 2024 Facebook Group is another good way to get to know your futures classmates and find a future roommate.

Once you and another person have decided to be roommates, you will need to confirm/verify your roommate request.

  • You can confirm/verify up to one (1) roommate
  • Roommates must be confirmed by May 15, 2020 in order to receive the same time slot to select a room
  • A time slot for room selection will be given based on the average of the applications received for confirmed/verified roommates

Once you select your room, you will be able to view your roommate information. We encourage you to contact your new roommate before arriving to campus and communicate about who will be bringing which items or just to get to know each other.

Pro Tip: Meet your new roomie in person or video chat. You'll make a better connection than if you just text, send snaps or stalk their social profiles.

Because of many new housing applicants and cancellations that occur over the summer, roommate information can change.

We recommend checking your roommate information occasionally before the start of the semester.

We find that many students have never had to share a bedroom with anyone else, so it can be an adjustment living with someone else for the first time.

All students have certain needs and expectations about living with a roommate and it is very important to communicate those expectations with your new roommate(s).

Your RA will have a Roommate Agreement for you and your roommate to review and talk about.

This is a helpful tool to start conversations about topics like having guests over, taking out the trash/recycling, or sharing personal items to help prevent such issues coming up during the year.

The key to any positive relationship is open communication about likes and dislikes and coming to an agreement all roommates are comfortable with.

It is important to go through this process even if you know the person you will be living with, rather than assuming you don't have anything to discuss.

Please read through the following information carefully regarding room change requests within WSU residence halls.

If you currently live in a regular room (double or single) and would like to request a room change, the Residence Life Staff require that you follow the process below:

  1. Talk to your roommate – If you are having a roommate conflict, please have a verbal conversation with them to talk about how things are going and what is bothering you. Here are some helpful hints in working through a roommate conflict.
  2. Talk to your RA – If you have had a conversation with your roommate and tried to work things out, but your situation has not improved, please contact your RA. Your RA is a great resource who will assist you in having a difficult conversation. They may also assist in facilitating a conversation between you and your roommate to set guidelines within your living situation which is feasible for all students involved.
  3. Talk to your Hall Director – You can also set up a meeting with your Hall Director to have a conversation about your current living situation.
  4. Fill out the Online Room Change Request Form in your housing portal. Please note that filling out this form is only a request and will be processed as space becomes available within the residence halls.

Once you submit your request, you will be contacted by your current Hall Director to set up a meeting.

Once your Hall Director approves your request, you will be put on a waiting list based on the date of Hall Director approval.

When space is available, you will be contacted by your current Hall Director of your new room assignment and the process of checking into your new room and out of your current room.