Student Employment

The Housing & Residence Life Department is one of the largest employers of students on campus. Through various positions in our department, students have the opportunity to gain leadership skills and professional development. All student staff positions within the department are student-help positions, not work-study. Student employment includes the following positions:

  • Alumni House Assistant
  • Assistant Hall Director
  • Community Assistant
  • Community Mentor
  • Desk Assistant – Central Housing Office
  • Desk Assistant – Front Desk in Residence Halls
  • Fitness Center Assistant
  • Graphic Design Assistant
  • Mugshots Coordinator
  • Resident Assistant
  • Senior Fitness Center Assistant
  • Summer Assistant
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Tour Guide

General Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Live on campus
  • Be in good conduct standing

Overview of the Position
The Housing and Residence Life program is committed to holistic student development. RAs serve as peer advisors to students and assist the Hall Director (HD) with administrative duties.

Our ideal Resident Assistant staff is made up of individuals with a wide-range of experiences, backgrounds and academic majors.

Successful RAs:

  • Are open-minded
  • Enjoy working with diverse groups of people
  • Are organized
  • Are ethical decision makers
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Have interpersonal skills
  • Are committed to diversity
  • Have good communication skills
  • Are good students

Resident Assistant/Community Assistant PD (PDF)

Application Process
The application process typically begins mid- November with applications due in January and interviews in February. The process consists of the application, individual interview and group process.

The application consists of completing the following items:

  • Online Application
  • Cover Letter
  • Upload a PDF with the application
  • Resume
  • Upload a PDF with application
  • 2 References (1 must be a Residence Life staff member)

2018-2019 Timeline

Nov. 9 New Applicant Information Session (Not Mandatory)
Haake Hall Conference Room @ 8pm 
Nov. 29 New Applicant Information Session (Not Mandatory)
Tau 214 @ 7pm
Jan. 11 New Applicant Information Session (Not Mandatory)
SAC @ 7pm
Jan. 15 All Applications Due
Feb. 16 Individual Interviews
Feb. 17 Group Process
Feb. 18 New RA Social
Mar. 2 RA Decision Letters are e-mailed
Apr. 7 Residence Life Retreat Day (9am-4pm)

Group Process
You will likely be grouped with individuals you have never met before and will be asked to participate, as a group, in some activities so that our staff has the opportunity to see your skills, abilities, and tendencies when immersed in a collaborative atmosphere. Here are some things that will help you be successful in group process:

  • Group Process is not a competition. We are evaluating you based on your participation in the group. We are not picking a winner at the end.
  • Some of the activities require group discussion, and/or opportunities for leadership. As you prepare for your group process day, be mindful of your own personality and/or leadership style and remember that you are being evaluated on your role/participation in the activities.
  • Most importantly, be yourself. We want to hire the authentic “you” because, ultimately, that is the person we are going to work with for the year.
  • Have fun! Being relaxed will allow you to stay focused, reduce anxiety, and put forth your best effort during group process.

Leadership - RAs are responsible for providing leadership to a floor of peers and directing them toward behaviors that contribute to their success. They also display leadership and teamwork working in their staff groups.

Crisis Response - RAs are trained to respond to any emergency that happens in the halls. They uphold all University policies and procedures as well as coach students with personal and life issues.

Networking - RAs have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with student organizations, faculty, university administration officials, and organizations in the Winona community.

Communication - RAs are responsible for disseminating lots of information. They manage lots of resident inquiries and act as a representative for Housing and Residence Life. The teamwork nature of this position requires good communication skills.

Professional Development - RAs undergo comprehensive training, help to organize departmental processes, respond to crisis situations. They receive direct supervision and feedback from a professional Hall Director who is committed to their development and success.

Confidence - RAs are faced with a variety of tasks, challenges, and obstacles throughout the year. This could range from a difficult situation with a resident, staff conflict, time management, or other personal issues. Being a part of their RA team and working through those situations will help them build skills and confidence in their abilities.


Given the requirements of the job, estimates of the regularly scheduled time commitments for the RA position are described below. The RA position requires an average of 15-20 hours per week. Please note that many commitments occur on nights, weekends, some holidays, and that RAs have a commitment to uphold the duties of their positions at all times, whether they are “on call” or not. Please be aware that this will vary:


  • Interacting with your residents
  • Open Door Hours (10 Hours)
  • Hall Staff Meeting (1-1.5 Hours)
  • Hall Council Meeting (.5 Hours)


  • One-to-One Meeting with Hall Director (.5-1 Hours)
  • Duty (varies by building)


  • Planning & implementing hall programming (5-10 hours)
  • Health and Safety Checks


  • Break on call responsibilities (varies by building)
  • Hall staff retreat/development activities
  • Weekend on Call (varies by building)
  • Bulletin Boards (3 sets per semester)
  • Door Decorations (2 sets per semester)
  • Training (Fall & Spring & In-services)