Summer Housing

Summer housing is a great option for students who are taking summer classes or sticking around town to work over break, or just enjoy Winona in the warm weather.

Haake Hall and East Lake Apartments – Building D are open during the summer. You will be given a room assignment based on your current and fall booking, length of stay, and roommate request, if you have one.

However, you will have to commit to staying for a set term in summer housing. The Housing staff can’t coordinate multiple check ins and outs for one person during the summer.

Application Deadlines

Summer and Interim Housing Applications are due at 11:59pm on April 21, 2019.

Students in need of summer or interim housing accommodations can apply online through e-services.

Kirkland Hall and East Lake Apartments – Building C will be used for student housing. All summer housing will be located in East Lake Apartment Building D.

Interim Housing

Interim Housing is available for students transitioning into and out of their summer housing assignment.

Kirkland Hall will be used for students who currently live on Main & West Campus.

East Lake Apartments – Building C will be used for students who currently live at East Lake.

Terms and Rates

Term Check In 11am-1pm Check Out by 12pm Single Room Rate Double Rm Rate
Main Campus Interim (Kirkland Hall)* May 12, 2019 June 1, 2019 $375 $310
East Lake Interim (Building C)** May 15, 2019 or as Available June 1, 2019 $180 $150

*Main & West Campus students can stay in their current room assignment until they can check into Kirkland Hall on May 12.

**Only available for students moving to their on-campus room assignment for Fall 2019. Students not living on campus for Fall 2019, must be checked out of their summer assignment August 11.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing will be available for students who are enrolled for Summer Classes or Fall 2019.

All students who sign up for summer housing will be placed in East Lake Apartments - Building D.

Term Check In 11am-1pm Check Out by 12pm Apt. 4 Bedroom - Single Apt. 2 Bedroom - Double or Apt. 1 Bedroom - Double Apt. 1 Bedroom - Eff. Double
East Lake Summer (Building D) June 1, 2019 Aug. 11, 2019 $770 $670 $620

Summer housing is billed as a full term from June 1-Aug.11. Students agree to and will be billed for the rates associated with this term and their room type.

Cost will not be prorated if the student checks into their room after the start of the term or checks out before the end of the term.

Checking In and Checking Out

Students can check in at the front desk of their assigned residence hall.

Kirkland Hall: Students who are moving from their current residence hall to Kirkland Hall for Spring term may stay in their current residence hall until they are able to move into Kirkland Hall on May 12.

However, students must be checked out of their current residence hall by 5pm on May 12.

East Lake: Students who currently live at East Lake and need interim housing will be temporarily assigned to Building C from May 15-June 1, or until their apartment in Building D is cleaned and ready to be occupied.

More information and specific details about moving will be sent to the student’s WSU email address.

Students must coordinate a time with an RA to check out of their room. Prior to checking out of their room, students will need to follow the cleaning expectations outlined by the staff.

Roommate Assignments and Open Beds

Students will be assigned a space for interim and/or summer housing based on their submitted application. All assignments will be made at the sole discretion of the University and, when possible, in accordance with the preference that the student requests.

No specific assignment based on the student’s request is guaranteed.

If at any point there is an open space in a suite/apartment, that space could be assigned at any time to another student needing housing accommodations for the summer.

You will be able to view your summer room assignment online starting Monday, April 30.

Your preference in a single or double occupancy suite is not guaranteed. However, we will do our best to accommodate your request.


All rates for summer and interim periods are charged as a lump sum regardless and will not be prorated if the student checks in after the start of the housing term or before the end of the housing term.

Summer housing charges will follow the Summer 2019 payment calendar.

You will be charged according to the dates indicated on your summer housing application. If you have questions regarding billing, please contact the Warrior Hub.


Meal plans are not available during the summer. There will be limited food options on campus for cash purchase throughout the summer.

Review the Dining Services website for up to date information on locations and hours of operation.

Transient Housing

Summer housing cannot be used for transient housing. We cannot accommodate students desiring to check in and out several times during the summer.

If you have questions regarding summer housing contact: