West Campus Housing

West Campus Housing

Just a short ride on the free WSU Shuttle, and you’re on West Campus which has its own charm and sense of community that is distinct from Main Campus.

Many students have said that when they return to West Campus after classes it feels like they are coming home.

Yet with a dining center, fitness center, the West Campus Commons and plenty of greenspace where you can relax or toss a frisbee, it’s so much more than a collection of residence halls.

Between Lourdes Hall and Maria Hall, nearly half of first year students live on West Campus. While Maria has super single rooms and limited traditional double and single rooms, Lourdes is about 60% single rooms with limited doubles and super single room options.

This means you get the best of both worlds with your own space and plenty of opportunities to meet new people—especially at the House Competition events and Mugshots.

The West Campus Residence Halls

Lourdes Hall

When arriving at Lourdes Hall, you could be forgiven for thinking you walked onto the set for a Harry Potter movie.

The convenience of a dining hall and fitness center in the lower level make up for the lack of magic spells.

Learn more about Lourdes Hall.

Maria Hall

Tucked away from the main street, Maria Hall is a haven for the students who get to live there.

And the underground tunnel to Lourdes makes getting to breakfast and the bus stop during winter a whole lot easier.

Learn more about Maria Hall.

House Competitions

West Campus is home to six houses which are identified by a crest and motto:

  • Pyxis House - Lourdes rooms 1100 - 1400, 2000 - 2590
  • Hydra House - Lourdes rooms 1620 - 1990, 2601 - 2990
  • Vela House - Lourdes rooms 3000 - 3590, 4th floor
  • Volans House - Lourdes rooms 3601 - 3990
  • Eridanus House - Maria 1 and 2 floors
  • Octans House - Maria 3 and 4 floors 

Each semester the houses compete for points through attending hall council, fitness center and other events on West Campus as well as competing in House Competitions.

Some of the favorite competitions include Battleship, Nerf Wars and dodgeball.

Follow the West Campus Facebook page to see videos and pictures of our competitions.

Mugshots Coffeehouse

Mugshots Coffeehouse is a student-managed coffee shop in Lourdes Hall that hosts live entertainment every Thursday night.

Come out and enjoy the music or get up on stage and play!

We are always looking for performers, so contact us at mugshots@winona.edu if you are interested. And be sure to follow the Mugshots Facebook Page.