West Campus Housing

West Campus Housing

Experience West Campus where your living environment is enhanced by the house system that create a vibrant community of learners.

West Campus is home to six residential houses which are identified by a crest and motto. Each semester the houses compete for points through attending hall council, fitness center and other events on West Campus, as well as, competing in House Competitions.

Some of the favorite competitions include Battleship, Nerf Wars and dodge-ball. Check out our FB site to see videos and pictures of our competitions.


Pyxis House - Lourdes rooms 1100 - 1400, 2000 - 2590
Hydra House - Lourdes rooms 1620 - 1990, 2601 - 2990
Vela House - Lourdes rooms 3000 - 3590, 4th floor
Volans House - Lourdes rooms 3601 - 3990
Eridanus House - Maria 1 and 2 floors
Octans House - Maria 3 and 4 floors 

Many students have said that when they return to West Campus after classes it feel like they are coming home. Let West Campus become your new home!