Current Employees

The Human Resources Office of Winona State University understands that as a current employee there is a lot to know! Here you will find helpful links to pay calendars, seniority rosters, training opportunities and more!

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Contact Jessica Wenzel, 507.457.5639 

Calendars - Academic, Holiday, Overload, Payroll Calendars & more

Dear WSU Employees
- Vol 1 | Vol 2 -Video Advice from Current & Past Employees

E-Timesheet - E-Time Payroll, Training Links, Tools, & Login Instructions

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  - Confidential counseling & referral services for employees

Employee Discounts - Links to state discounts and Wellness Complex

Employee Home - Links to Employee Home QRG (PDF) & Supervisor Tools QRG (PDF)
ELM: Enterprise Learning Management -Training opportunities throughout the state. ELM Instructions

Faculty Workload Management (FWM) - IFO QRG

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Overview, FAQs, Forms & more

ID Information - What ID number do you use for what? This guide is here to help

Insurance Benefits - Health, Dental, Life, Pre-Tax Benefits & more

Lactation / Nursing Rooms
- Room Locations for Nursing and/or Expressing Breast Milk

New Employee - Welcome to WSU! Here are some tips and tools to help you get started!

Payroll - Self-Service, E-Timesheets, Payroll Schedules & more

Policies and Procedures - For MMB, Minnesota State, & WSU

Retirement Benefits - Overview, Mandatory, Voluntary, & more

Self Service Tools - Links to the Self-Service Website and Tips & Tools

Seniority Rosters - Links to the seniority rosters & various union contracts

Star Alert - An emergency alert system that sends text messages and email alerts during emergencies on campus 

StarID - Activate ID, Change Password, & more

Training and Development - Training and development resources 

Tuition Waiver - Link to Tuition Waiver Application, Matrix, Reference Guide, and more 

Union Contracts & Contacts - Links to the various union contracts & seniority rosters

Wellness Program for Employee's

Workers' Compensation - Forms, Step-by-Step Instructions, & more