New Employee Tips and Tools

Welcome to Winona State University!

You’re now a member of a community that is passionate about educating our world. As a new employee, you could probably use a helping hand. Click around for resources to help you get settled.

Questions? Contact Human Resources.

During your employment with Winona State University you will utilize several identification numbers. Here’s a quick guide to the ids referenced through this checklist:


SEMA4 ID (State of Minnesota ID)

Every state of Minnesota employee is given an 8 digit State ID number. The Employee Self Service website provides access to the following:

  • Insurance benefit enrollment
  • Viewing your pay stub
  • Changing your W-4
  • Accessing your W-2
  • Changing your direct deposit
  • Viewing insurance beneficiary/ dependents
  • Enrolling in tax sheltered annuity (403)b
  • Training


STAR ID (Minnesota State System ID)

Each Minnesota State College and University employee has an 8 digit STAR ID which starts and ends with letters (ie: AB1234CD) used to access the Minnesota State Employee Home website for:

  • Updating personal information (i.e.: address, emergency contact, etc.)
  • Submitting leave requests
  • Completing timesheets
  • Completing a Tuition Waiver application


Warrior/Tech ID (Winona State University ID)

Every WSU employee gets a Warrior/Tech ID number which is utilized for local rights such as printing and door access. The number that will print on your Warrior/Tech ID Card.


Attaining your Winona State University ID Card

  • Winona: Photo ID cards are made at the Campus Card Office which is located in Maxwell Hall 227
  • Rochester: Photo ID cards are made at the circulation desk in Goddard Library.

Purple Pass

Your Warrior ID acts like a campus debit card when you deposit money onto it. You can purchase internal products and services throughout the Winona campus using it. Any questions please check out the campus card website: Purple Pass, or visit Maxwell 227 or call 507.457.2480.

Your campus email address is your first name period (.) last name (i.e.,

Your email account is active once you are entered in the personnel database. If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your email account, contact the Technical Support Center at 507.457.5240.

Training for All New Employees:

  • Code of Conduct (ELM)
  • Public Jobs: Private Data (D2L)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (D2L)
  • Sexual Violence Awareness (D2L)
  • Shots Fired - Active Shooter (ELM)

See Training and Development for Employees site for additional details and D2L/ELM login instructions.

Additional training such as Emergency Management, Hazardous Waste and Blood Borne Pathogens may be required based on your position.


Additional Training and Development Opportunities:

Additional opportunities are posted on our Training and Development for Employees site.



The Human Resources Office of Winona State University knows it’s good to work for WSU! Included are various state discounts including Phone and MN Zoo Cards.

IWC fitness center memberships are available. Once a member of the fitness center, employees will need to bring their WSU ID for admittance. Restrooms and changing rooms are available in the fitness center. Showers are available in the lower level of Memorial Hall. Complete the online membership application form


Parking permits are available for purchase at Parking Services for those choosing to park on campus. Applications are available online: Parking Permit Application 

Phone: 507.457.5062
Location: Maxwell 233
Website: Parking Services



All students, faculty, and staff pay a parking/access/security fee. Faculty and staff pay a parking fee based on their status as employees. Parking is only allowed in designated parking lots or at parking meters.

The far eastern portion of the East parking lot (space east of the concrete divider) and the most southern part of the West lot (space south of the concrete divider) has been designated for faculty and staff parking only. Faculty and staff wishing to park in these lots must display the parking sticker issued to them when they paid for parking.

For further information, please contact:

Phone: 507.285.7157
Website: Rochester Parking Information

The Warrior Hub provides comprehensive academic and administrative services for Winona State University.

Articulation Agreement
Catalog (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Classroom Capacities
Course Outline Template
Credit By Exam/Buy-Back Form
Faculty/Staff eServices Log in
Final Exam Schedules
First Day Drop
Grade Change Forms
How to Read a DARS report
Instruction and Credit Equivalencies Chart
ISRS Recertification Form
Major/Minor Declaration Information
Registration Override (Blue Card)
Room Reservation
Student Data Privacy (FERPA)
Term Course Form (TCF)
Term Course Form (TCF Non Credit Courses)
University Studies Program
Waitlist Report
WSU Student Record Retention

Reserve Books and Textbook Requisition


Prior to the beginning of the year you can submit your textbook requisition to the Winona State University Bookstore.

If you have any questions or need any assistance you can contact the bookstore by:

Phone: 507.457.5319
Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm
Location: Lower Level of the Kryzsko Commons Building
Website: WSU Bookstore



Book order information is emailed to faculty when the semester schedule information is compiled. You may submit your textbook requisition online. Click “Faculty Adoptions” on the home page. To obtain your username and/or password or any other questions, contact:

If you have any questions or need any assistance you can contact the bookstore by:
Phone: 507.285.7202
Hours: M-TH: 8am- 8pm & F: 8am- 4:30pm
Location: First floor of the College Center and the Hill Theater
Website: Rochester Bookstore

Technical Support Center

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the technology-based foundation to support and empower the Winona State University (WSU) community to meet and exceed their educational and business needs.


Phone: 507.457.5240
Location: Somsen 207
Website: Technology Support


D2L Brightspace

If you have any questions visit the help desk: custom help desk provides FAQs, a student guide to D2L tools, as well as a live chat and ask a question feature.


Teaching, Learning, & Technology Services

TLT provides learning opportunities and project support to faculty and staff members on both Winona and Rochester campuses. Contact them directly for more information regarding classroom support:



Winona Campus

Maxwell Hall 130B

Rochester Campus

Room GL 135

At WSU, we watch out for one another. But we realize that a safe, secure campus isn't achieved through good intentions alone. WSU has plans and measures in place and is prepared to protect its students, faculty and staff, and its property.


Campus Security

Phone: 507.457.5555
Location: Sheehan Hall, 264 West Mark St, Winona, MN 55987
Website: Security Services


Behavioral Assessment & Intervention Team (B.A.I.T.)

The primary mission of BAIT is to provide support and guidance for faculty, staff and administrators as “students of concern” emerge in classrooms, residence halls, student activities, performances and the greater Winona community.

Website: Bait Information and Form


Star Alert

Star Alert is an emergency alert system that sends text messages and email alerts during emergencies that threaten life or safety or severely impact standard campus operations. The notifications, called Star Alerts, are only used in emergency situations.



Severe Weather

Severe winter weather conditions may cause delays, individual class cancellations, events cancellations and/or the campus to close.

WSU faculty members cancel their classes via an online program available via desktop, laptop or smartphone. The cancellation will prompt an automatic confirmation email to the faculty member as well as to the students enrolled in the cancelled class, and the notice will be added to the list of cancelled classes linked from the orange "Severe Weather Alert" banner on the WSU homepage.

Faculty members without internet access may contact their office manager and provide name, verification and course information.

Copy Machines


You will need a copy machine card in order to make any copies on a copy machine on campus. Your department should have a card that you can use.

To request a new Department Copy Card or order duplicate cards, activate a current WSU Warrior ID with copy privileges, change a card, or delete a card, please complete a Copy Card Request Form and return it to the Campus Card Office.



You may obtain a key to a copier suite and a copier code by contacting your WSU-R department manager. Copiers are available for faculty and staff use only and are activated by an access code, which is specific to your department.

Copy machines are located in:

  • General Faculty office suite, East Hall (EA) 201
  • Computer Science and Social Work office suite, Science/Technology (ST) 128
  • Business Faculty office suite, Student Services (SS) 313
  • Nursing office suite, Health Science (HS) 107
  • the Student and Campus Services area, (SS) 128.




Keys that are requested for adjunct faculty need to be requested by the department office manager using the Key Request Form. Facilities will notify the employee that the key is ready and the employee must pick up the key and sign for it. Please request your key early enough so it will be ready on your first day at WSU.



The form to request an office key for WSU-R offices may be obtained from your department office manager or online thru the WSU-R Key Request form (PDF) with the Rochester Business Office. They can help you complete the form but you will need to sign it.

The department office manager will turn in the form after all signatures are acquired and inform you when the key is available for you to pick up in RCTC’s Business Office, SS 150.

Adjunct faculty members who have checked out keys must return them at the end of the last semester in which they are teaching. If not, you will be charged a replacement fee of $20. A bent or broken key will be charged $10 for replacement.



Check with your department chair and/or administrative assistant to see if you will receive a WSU laptop. If your position requires a laptop, an online request form may have been submitted by your department. If this has not already occurred, once you have your printed assignment go to the Tech Support website and complete your own form. Once the form has been submitted a Distribution Session can be signed up for by calling 507.457.5240. These sessions are scheduled weekly in Somsen 207 until school starts.

Laptops must be returned to the Technical Support Center.

  • Adjunct - at the end of the last semester in which they are teaching.
  • All Other Employees – On your last day of employment

If not returned, laptops may be reported as stolen or legal action may be taken.


Media Equipment

Various media equipment is available to be checked out at the Technical Support Center.



Additional instructions for both the telephone and voicemail systems are available on the ITS webpage.


If your department has not already set up a phone for you, contact the Technical Support Center at 507.457.5240 to request a phone line, voicemail and a long distance dialing code.

To dial any campus phone number from your on-campus line dial the last four digits of the number.

To dial any Rochester campus phone number from your Winona-campus line, you only have to dial 32 and then the last four digits of the number.


If a phone has not already been set up in your department for you, please contact your department to request a phone line, voicemail and a long distance dialing code.

To dial any Rochester campus phone number from your on-campus line, you only have to dial last four digits of the number.

To dial any Winona campus phone number from your Rochester-campus line dial 33 and then last 4 digits of the number.