Road sign that says "Retirement"

Retirement Benefits

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities offers a mix of mandatory and voluntary retirement plans.  All mandatory contributions are invested on a pre-tax basis.  We encourage you to review the full array of benefits and to become actively involved in planning for your future.
Overview of Retirement Plans (PDF): This booklet gives you an overview of the retirement benefits for which you are eligible
Minnesota State Retirement Website: Helpful links, summaries and webinars
Minnesota State Retirement Plans Summary: Overview of the different plans including Mandatory & Voluntary
Mandatory Retirement Plans: Minnesota State’s overview of the Mandatory Retirement Instructions for the TRA/IRAP Retirement Plan Election Process for Unclassified Faculty & Staff: Instructions, questions and answers on how to elect TRA & IRAP
Voluntary Retirement Plans: Minnesota State’s overview of the Voluntary Retirement Plans
Comparison of 457 and 403 (b) Plans (PDF): Comparisons including max limits, total contributions & taxation
FAQ: General questions regarding Minnesota State Voluntary Retirement Programs