StarID Checklist and Helpful Information

Employees, Guests and Human Resources Staff can use this checklist and helpful information when creating and accessing your StarID.
Human Resources
  • Enter a new employee’s personal information into the HR application (i.e. SCUPPS) to generate their Tech ID and StarID. Include Institution Last Hire Date and Social Security Number.  If you get a request to create a person record for a non-employee such as an auditor or consultant (i.e. Guests), enter a Personal (P) or Work (W) email address. The guest will use this email address to manage their StarID.  Note: A new employee or guest can activate a StarID within an hour of this information being entered into the HR application. 
  • Notify employee of their Tech ID (not required for Guests).
  • Collaborate with campus IT to ensure that employee’s institutionally assigned email address is in the HR application (this will be a follow-up step after initial employee setup). This is not required for Guests.
Employee or Guest
  • Go to the StarID log-in.
  • Click on Activate StarID and complete steps to activate StarID. Note: New employees can use Tech ID and the last four digits of their Social Security Number to activate their StarID. Guests can use their personal or work e-mail address.
  • Optionally, go to Employee Home and select Security Administration to complete security requests.
StarID Help

If an employee forgets their StarID or password, they can go to the StarID website for help. Or, they may contact the StarID Help Desk for support via telephone and email. The tasks the StarID Help Desk personnel can assist you with are:
  • Activating your StarID (login ID)
  • Retrieving your forgotten StarID
  • Resetting your forgotten password
  • Selecting a complex password
Help Desk Contact Information
Toll-free: 877.466.6728 or 1.877.GO.MNSCU
TTY: 651.282.2660